You Can't See the Picture from Inside the Frame

You can't see the picture from inside the frame.

One of the greatest frustrations - and most costly roadblocks - for visionary, Renaissance leaders, is facing the fact that they can see the Big Picture, the genius, the plan for others so clearly ...

... but, remarkably, they struggle to see it for themselves.

Sound familiar?

I've seen soooo many smart, strategic visionaries stuck - for years, even decades (they've told me so) - trying to figure out the Big Picture, the genius, the plan for themselves - and that's not only costing them their right livelihood, but their lives
(truly, years are scrolling by).


You can't see the picture from inside the frame.

The truth is, you've learned and mastered so much about your area of expertise,
you're now "inside the frame" - you simply can't see your work from the standpoint of someone new to it.

It becomes very challenging to see your work, your genius, your larger impact
the way someone outside the picture, say, a new potential client - might see it.

And you've got to be able to meet them where they are, to help them see the value of your work, to invite them in, and to have them pay you (at a level worthy of that value).

It's actually such a real and challenging issue that there's a name for it.

Chip Heath, Stanford business professor and author calls it "The Curse of Knowledge"“The more you know about something, the harder it is for you to imagine what it’s like to lack that knowledge.”

And it particularly afflicts super-smart, multi-passionate, visionary leaders the MOST - because, well, we know so much.

The problem is that once we know something — say, the melody of a song — we find it hard to imagine not knowing it. Our knowledge has “cursed” us. We have difficulty sharing it with others, because we can’t readily re-create their "not-knowing" state of mind.

Even more significantly - you truly can't properly gauge the value and impact of your contribution, because you're so far "inside the frame," you no longer have the needed perspective to do so.

The conundrum:
The MORE you know, and the MORE UNIQUE what you have to share is,
the LESS likely you'll be able to see it, value it, and convey it to others
in a way that clearly communicates its true value and impact.

On your own, that is.

Truly, there are few things more infuriating for a strategic, visionary thinker.

I get it.

AND - that's exactly why YOU need someone to do for you what you do so easily for others:

A MENTOR to guide your greatness out of you - to help you see it, value it, structure it, and monetize it at level worthy of your Great Work in the world.

SPARK QUESTION #toughtruthwarning:

Ever say:
I can see it so easily for someone else -
but I just can't see it for myself?

* How long have you been trying to figure out your Big Picture, your genius, your master plan for yourself?

(Be honest - come up with a number of months or years.)

* From the level of your best work (your entire Body of Work), how much do you know you should be making?

(Again, be honest - deep inside, you know what that number is for your highest-level work, monthly or annually.)

* Now, drop in your numbers (monthly or annually). Multiply.

If you've been sitting on your Great Work for 10 years, without fully sharing or monetizing it, and you know that if you did, the value you would be providing would be worth a minimum of $10K/mo. - The Curse of Knowledge (and your insistence that you must do this on your own) already has cost you $1.2 million. Yes, it adds up fast.

* That's how much it's costing you to stay stuck by insisting you must do this for yourself, on your own.

You cannot see the picture from inside the frame.

You need guidance from outside your frame.

The good news?

When you get that expert guidance, that perspective will be priceless - and you will be amazed how quickly you will go from sitting on all the value within you, to actually prospering from sharing and monetizing that value.


Because the VALUE you are here to bring the world is already inside you.

You just haven't been able to properly position and monetize it on your own.

And the belief that you should be able to do it yourself is costing you - your livelihood and your life.

See how it feels to have the perspective to truly see your genius for the first time.

See your genius now

Honoring your GENIUS!
Julie Ann

P.S. If you're ready to:
* stop fighting The Curse of Knowledge (remember, it's a real, very costly, obstacle),
* delaying your Great Work and its impact and income 
(for months, years or decades),
* insisting you "should" be able to figure this out on your own (it's been years already!),

and, instead recognize the essential value of an expert Mentor who can guide your greatness out of you, and help you see your Big Picture, your genius, your plan clearly
(ALL great visionaries, heroes and heroines throughout time had Mentors - it's an essential part of "The Hero's Journey," exactly for this reason!) - so you finally move forward to prosper from sharing your Great Work with the world:

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the world is calling out for it.

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  1. LaToya Littlejohn says:

    This is a very inspiring message. A light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes there are a lot of tunnels but not very easy to see which one's the brightest to walk along first.

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