Choosing Your Way

MoonBalloonblogYou are the Hero,
the StarPilot,
the One
with the power to choose
your own direction –
in the journey that is your life.

First, you must see
and believe it is so,
then in every moment
you choose to make it so,
through the power of the creative process.

The essence of The Journey
is the universal human search for meaning,
the unfolding experience
of who we are,
and the creative process of becoming and expressing
the full magnificence of who we can be.

            An artist
            is not a special kind of person.

            Every person
            is a special kind of artist.

~ Catherine Kapikian
(from Creativity: Touching the Divine)

We are all creators.
Creativity exists not in the few, but in all of us.
Creativity is our basic, fundamental nature.

At the core of GENESIS OF GENIUS and ConsciousSHIFT.Me
is the belief that our ultimate purpose here
is to live out of that creative energy in which we were born,
and express our uniqueness in contribution to the world.

Our creative expressions tell us - and others - who we are.

They tell us how we are each distinct and unique,
as well as how we are part of a unified whole.

We all embody this paradox -
on the one hand we desire to express and be recognized
for our unique identities and contributions,
and on the other, we desire to be accepted, to belong,
to be included as part of the whole.

We all seek a balance between uniqueness and unity,
distinctness and harmony.

Every creative expression -
the words we say, and how we say them;
the actions we take; the gestures we make toward others;
the works we create; our physical appearance; what we wear;
what, and who, we surround ourselves with - communicates who we are.

Your unique self - your essence, your state of being, your identity -
is revealed through the creative process.

Your expressions are inherently valuable,
at the most fundamental level, because you are a unique creative being.

You have the capacity to express and share with others
an essence that is wholly unique.
You are the only one who can share the singular mixture
of gifts, talent, intelligence, emotion, perspective -
your unique light, your contribution to the whole.

No one else can make the contribution you are perfectly designed to make.

There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening
    that is translated through you into action.

    And because there is only one of you in all of time,
    this expression is unique.

    And if you block it, it will never exist
    through any other medium and be lost.
    The world will not have it.

    It is not your business to determine how good it is
    nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions.

    It is your business to keep it yours, clearly and directly,
    to keep the channel open . . .
    whether you choose to take an art class, keep a journal,
    record your dreams, dance your story
    or live each day from your own creative source.

~ Martha Graham
How are you "keeping the channel open"
for your genius and creativity to flow?

Share with us your favorite ways in the comments ... you may inspire others -
and you may inspire yourself, to carve out more creative space
to share your Signature Genius ...