The Genius Within

Within each of us
lies a singular combination
of gifts and talents
that is unique to us.
No other single being in the world
has the same individuality.

We are all creators.
GENIUS exists not in the few,
but in all of us.
We were born miraculous, creative beings.

Creativity is our basic,
fundamental nature.


We are unique beings in this world
because we may conceive and create
that which does not yet exist.
We have the power to consciously choose
among limitless possibilities.

Regardless of any differing views
we may have views on the Source
God, the Creator, the Creative Universe itself
we each have the freedom to activate our creative power.

Creativity is our birthright.
What we do with it is our choice.

We have the capacity to consciously create.

As with all things - tangible and intangible -
the process begins with what we believe,
about ourselves,
and about our creative power.

In a telling quote attributed to Albert Einstein,
we touch the heart of why we often deny
our own genius:

Everybody is a genius.
But if you judge a fish
by its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life
believing that it is stupid.

So why do we judge others - and most of all, ourselves -so harshly? 

We do so when the lens of our perception
is distorted, or focused on a small part,
rather than the whole.

We see this perhaps most clearly in the lens we use
to view "intelligence" in education - typically a narrow, Western-world,
analytical lens, that focuses only on the value of the tangible,
and the linear -rather than seeing also the value of the creative
and the multidimensional.

So that children gifted with imagination and artistry
in dance and drawing and music and poetry,
and not restricted the "right answers" - are all too often
judged as failures, just like "fish" unable to climb the tree.

When we find - and are open to - the waters that best
support our unique genius, we swim freely and effortlessly,
just like the fish who has found its natural space to thrive.

If we were to somehow break you open, to see the true genius
inside you - of if you were unafraid to share it fully -
we would be astonished by your uniqueness,
your beauty ... your light.

Genius is not a possession of the limited few,
but exists in some degree in everyone.
Where there is natural growth,
a full and free play of faculties,
genius will manifest itself.
~ Robert Henri, American painter

Like fragments of a hologram, we each have a unique identity and expression
to share with the world, and, at the same time, we are inextricably part of a Whole.

Simply by being in the world, we are involved.
We are participants.  Our expressions impact – and, indeed, create - the world.
More importantly, we each have a contribution to make.

Life is a creative journey.
First, we must see and believe it is so;
then, in every moment, we choose to make it so,
through the creative process.

Where do you shine with "full and free" play in your life?

What gifts and passions are waiting, embedded deeply inside you,
to be broken open, poured out and revealed to the world -
like priceless ore - once hidden, now honored for its high value?

Share with us here ... and in future posts, I'll share how
you can discover the gold of the genius within YOU ...


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  1. Myriel says:

    Dear Julie Ann, I am deeply touched by your words - they echoed and resonate intimately with my heart.
    True education, found schools of empowerment all over the world - that's my passion.
    In Love, Light & Service, Myriel

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