"Seeing My Genius for the First Time in My Life"

Seeing Your Genius for the First Time (beyond "The Curse of Knowledge")

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More on "The Curse of Knowledge"

You can't see the picture from inside the frame.

The truth is, you've learned and mastered so much about your area of expertise, you're now "inside the frame" - you simply can't see your work from the standpoint of someone new to it.

The problem is that once we know something — say, the melody of a song — we find it hard to imagine not knowing it. Our knowledge has “cursed” us. We have difficulty sharing it with others, because we can’t readily re-create their "not-knowing" state of mind.

In 1990, a Stanford University graduate student in psychology named Elizabeth Newton illustrated The Curse of Knowledge by studying a simple game in which she assigned people to one of two roles: “Tapper” or “Listener.” Each Tapper was asked to pick a well-known song, such as “Happy Birthday,” and tap out the rhythm on a table. The Listener’s job was to guess the song.

Before the Listeners guessed, Newton asked the Tappers to predict the probability that listeners would guess correctly. They predicted 50%.

Over the course of Newton’s experiment, 120 songs were tapped out. Listeners guessed only 3 of the songs correctly: a success ratio of 2.5%.

The Tappers got their message across only 1 time in 40, but they thought they would get it across 1 time in 2!

WHY such a huge disparity?

When a Tapper taps, it is impossible for her to avoid hearing the tune playing along to her taps (The Curse of Knowledge - the "song," i.e., your knowledge, is running in the background for you, so to you, your "tapping," i.e., your message, makes perfect sense; but for your audience, they lack that context - the knowledge which you simply can't "unknow," in order to see your work from their perspective, and bridge the gap in their understanding).

Meanwhile, all the listener can hear is a kind of bizarre Morse code.

Yet the Tappers were stunned by how hard the listeners had to work to pick up the tune.

"It's so clear!"

But only to you - when the "song," the background knowledge, is already running in your brain.

In the business world, marketers and customers (you and your clients), managers and employees, corporate headquarters and the front line, all rely on ongoing communication but suffer from enormous "knowledge imbalances," just like the Tappers and Listeners.

You cannot see the picture from inside the frame. 

You need guidance from outside your frame. 

The good news? 

When you get that expert guidance, that perspective will be priceless - and you will be amazed how quickly you will go from sitting on all the value within you, to actually prospering from sharing and monetizing that value. 

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