Get paid for sharing your unique genius! [Genius Guide > Gift!]

Standing out through your Signature Genius ...
Ready to get paid for sharing your unique genius?

Then, are you ready to "amplify and glorify" your genius?

Read on to discover why ...I know - that may initially sound a bit grandiose

(bear with me ... you'll discover why below) -

but that's EXACTLY what it takes to get paid for your genius -

according to none-other-than genius business guru

and bestselling author Seth Godin:
"Your real work then, what you might be paid for

and what is certainly your passion,

is simple - the work.   

The work itself is feeding and amplifying

and glorifying the daimon - your GENIUS.  

Your work is to create art that changes things

in such a way that you're truly indispensable.

The work is about making a difference."

~ Business Genius & NYT Bestselling Author Seth Godin

          (from your
"Get Paid for Your Genius" Gift Guide)
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esterday, I encouraged you
to tap into the energy
of a new fall season -

and honor the expectation
of new possibilities
emerging for you ...

... yes, what Seth calls
the "passion" of your work 
(and aren't you ready to
profit from sharing
your passion?) ...

... and as I promised - today,

I have a special GIFT

"Get Paid for Your Genius" Guide + Audio,
featuring Seth Godin - to show you how.

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What does it take?So, how do you

"feed and amplify and glorify your genius"

(so you can get paid for sharing it)? 

It starts with two (2) things:
  1. You must discover and EMBRACE ("amplify and glorify")

    the unique genius already within you

    [yes, you already possess a Signature Genius that only you can share -

    and that makes it VALUABLE (but only if YOU see and honor it first ...

    < I'll share more on this, as we go) - and,


  2. You must SHARE (package and offer) your genius with the world

    (in your Gift Guide, it's what Seth Godin calls "SHIPPING" -

    which is essential - you'll see why, as he explains starting on page 3).
Gift coming tomorrowThink about it ... are you already activating your genius through these two steps?

(Remember, these are essential steps to getting paid for your genius.)

TODAY, receive the gift I created to help you do those two (2) things

(I'll make it simple for you!) -

your "Get Paid for Your Genius" Guide + Audio with Seth Godin

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And watch your inbox ...  I'll be sharing how to get the most from your Guide,

as we celebrate fall - and your emerging genius - together!

P.S. In my next post, I'll share a story about how I discovered

what my genius was NOT (somewhat embarrassing, but so educational ;-D -

and don't worry, if thinking about - and embracing - your own genius

seems a bit uncomfortable or daunting to you at first, I've been there,

and I'm here guide you through it, so you can claim yours, too) ...

and, even better, I'll share how you can discover

what your unique genius IS.

You see, there's a way you were BORN to stand out

[kinda like the vibrant green leaf in the midst of all

of those colorful fall colors in the photo above -

there's a special way YOU stand out (notice - that does

not take away any beauty from those around you -

it just means you have something special to contribute

that only you can, in the way that YOU can).

You may be surprised to discover what that IS

(so stay tuned!).


P.P.S. Be sure to download your "Get Paid for Your Genius" Guide

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sharing your gifts with the world!]

I always love to hear from you - so if this message inspired you in some way -
please feel free to "Comment" below > and let me know what sparked your genius! 

To your GENIUS!
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