Day 8 - Dare to Be Different - Because NORMAL SUCKS. ~ Scott Brandon Hoffman


8 Dare to Be Different - Because NORMAL SUCKS.

SBHOFFMANBOXGRAPHICMediocrity is NOT where the COOL people hang out.

The goal isn’t to "fit in" or not stand out
too much.

The goal is to BE your REAL SELF,
living YOUR truth,
(including all of your "so called" flaws),
without wearing the societal mask.

It’s your HUMANITY, your stories, your vulnerability,
and your heart that we’re interested in;
it’s what people connect to.

We Don’t need any more Posers or SheepWalkers.

We DO need MORE people who aren’t afraid to express themselves AUTHENTICALLY.

If you’re following someone Else’s rules, beliefs, or dreams, you’re screwed.

Don’t do it.

Make Your Own Damn Rules.

Listen to your HEART, your INTUITION, and the voice inside you that KNOWS, and ALWAYS knows the truth.


It’s not your job to "fit in" to a society that wants to keep you average, quiet, asleep, numb, and in a hypnotic trance.

It’s BS.

Nobody EVER did anything AWESOME playing it safe.

We’re the ones "THEY" call crazy because we create COOL SH*T and change the world.

Crazy is the new cool.

WE have the courage, (and balls), to do what our hearts tell us, and we will NOT be stifled or compromised.

If you've got a dream, protect it.

If you’ve got a dream, GO FOR IT.

If you’re afraid…

Tell fear to suck it.



We Need you.

YOU Decide How The Story Ends.

Dare To Be Different.

Dare To Take A Risk.

Dare To Be Original.

#Just Do You.

Scott Brandon Hoffman is a Host, Writer, Actor, Comedian, Storyteller, and Inspirational Speaker. He’s an Original, Funny, EDGY, Big-Hearted, PROVOCATIVE, Irreverent, and a much needed FRESH NEW VOICE who bridges the gap of Hollywood and the Human Potential movement.  Scott’s part philosopher and modern day mystic, motivator, intuitive (go figure), bad boy, rockstar, AND comedian who empowers AND entertains people all over the world by uncovering the truth, telling it like it is, and bringing some sanity and laughter to all the madness; while chanting "screw the status quo," and inspiring us to WAKE UP, but in a funny AND empowering way that everybody can relate to.

It’s like Oprah and Robin Williams had a kid (yeah, try not to visualize that).



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