Day 12.4 - Surrender to Your Wild Emergence! ~ Anakha Coman


12.4 Surrender to Your Wild Emergence!

ACOMANBOXPHOTOThe innate pulse of life
moves within my breath,
bones, blood and body —
it is the animating essence,
the unencumbered wildness,
the clarion call
and rhythm of Life.

None other than the dynamic essence
of my true nature will behold the intimacy,
intensity and immensity of the creative dispensations
and divine revelations the universe longs
to pour into "me."

This is the practice, the ecstatic fanning to flame
of the inner spark of wildfire genius.

I surrender to the sacred tremoring of my true nature.
The wild, undulating essence.

The breath, beat, brilliance that streams through all that I am and all that I do.

I feel the aliveness of all creation in this moment, in my movement.

It beckons and begs for my surrender, for my letting loose of the grip-grasp control.

To wait as it tenderly guides me to a wholly, holy consecration of my being with my becoming.

I am one with this flaming, untamed intelligence burning bright and bringing forth in effortless flow.

The emergence dances wildly at my feet and whispers desirously in my ear.

I am the holy ground and the burning bush rising in flames,
consumed by the will-to-be life force, the ripeness stirring deep within.

I am naked, disrobed, stripped of all defense.
It is now, my surrender.

It is here, I say
"take me" and ask "tell me,
what is it you plan to do
with my one wild and precious life?"*

*Mary Oliver Quote

Anakha Coman is Founder of the Awakened Leadership Institute and speaks, teaches and consults with leaders and organizations worldwide including Intel, Nike, OHSU, Save the Children and HealRWorld. She is author of The Proof: A 40-Day Program for Embodying Oneness (Hay House 2009), The Law of Emergence: Living Your Soul's Blueprint for Brilliance and Remembering Oneness, a collection of mindfulness meditations.



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