What will you COLOR YOUR LIFE with this fall?

Emerging around the bend ...

What will you COLOR YOUR LIFE with this fall?

Fall sweeps in swiftly, crisply ... with splashes of color ...

painting the breeze with a chill ...

Fall is energizing ... tinged with excitement ...

perhaps evoking memories from embarking on a new school year

(with a box filled with of new crayons, crisp notebooks,
sharpened pencils) ...

and imagining what discoveries the next weeks and months will bring?

And something more emerges within us, even now ...

a sense of fresh expectation -

of sharing our own new expressions ...

of coloring our lives with richer experiences ...

of potential adventures just around the bend ...

What is emerging just around the bend for you?

Will you paint the world with your vibrant gifts -
and honor us with your works, your GENIUS?

It is a brand new month - heading into the final quarter of 2014.

Consider - how close are you to achieving your goals this year?

To actually experiencing your true, colorful dreams for your ideal life?

It's possible to build on the energy and expectation you feel
as another fall sweeps in, so you're not only expressing your genius
in new ways, just as you've dreamed
- you're also getting paid
for sharing it.
(I'll be sharing how, step by step, as we go.)
As fall sweeps in, I want to help you explore - and discover
how to profit from -
packaging and sharing your unique genius,
to make the impact and income you deserve and desire.

For today, embrace the energy and expectation
of the possibilities and colorful expressions already within you ...
and together, we'll guide your greatness out of you, OK?

Giving voice to that truth expressed by many sages,

author and visionary Seth Godin says:
 "Your work itself is feeding and amplifying

and glorifying the daimon - your genius ...

your work is creating art that changes things ..."

~ Seth Godin

Gift coming tomorrowTomorrow, I want to honor you with a SPECIAL GIFT

that will help you amplify your genius ... and share specific

secrets from Seth Godin on how to get paid
for sharing your genius ...

So watch this blog space tomorrow ...

we'll celebrate fall - and your emerging genius - together!

P.S. What I've discovered - from more than 18 years studying
how genius works, and guiding visionaries across the globe to share theirs -
is that sharing our gifts and genius IS our purpose - (and you -
yes, you - you have a unique, Signature Genius within you)

and you have a way of expressing yours to contribute to the world
as only you can ...
  we'll explore more that in my next post, OK?

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I always love to hear from you - so if this message inspired you
or sparked your genius in some way -
please "comment" below,
and let me know what touched your heart!

To your GENIUS!
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