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What your genius IS (and is NOT) ...
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And read on below -

as I promised,

today I'm sharing

what your genius IS - and is NOT.
It was a fall many years ago, sitting at my grade school desk,

when I learned my first lesson about genius ...

My 2nd grade teacher had announced that the students who finished their work first
would receive a special reward - a chance to listen to music on headphones
in class, while everyone else finished the assignment. And not just any music -

the latest Beatles album - a real treat to listen to - and during class, as well.

School reward ...Eager to reap my reward, I raced through
the assignment, was the very first to finish -

and happily received my headphones ...

closed out all the sounds of the classroom ...

and relaxed back in my desk chair, feeling
quite pleased to be drift off listening to music

while my fellow classmates worked away.

The next thing I knew, though, someone was nudging me on the shoulder.
It was my teacher, who said, "Julie Ann, you might want to sing

a bit more quietly ..." - and embarrassment poured over me as I suddenly
realized I'd been singing "Hey Jude" - quite loudly, in fact
(though I didn't realize it, wearing my headphones) -

alone, in front of my otherwise quiet, entire 2nd grade class ...

... and as I looked around the room, I saw that all my classmates were now
laughing at me. Feeling the flush of my flame-red face, I slunk into my chair -
wanting very badly to disappear.

Simply. Mortified.  The single most embarrassing moment of my life.

(Can you imagine???)
What does it take?Now, it was instantly clear to my class - and to me -

that singing was most certainly NOT my genius

(though it may be yours).

It's not that I didn't have genius -
I had other gifts and talents, I was pretty smart in school
(and, after all, I'd finished my assignment first) ...

it's just that singing was clearly NOT my genius.

But here's the crucial point:

It would have been a HUGE MISTAKE for me to think

that just because I wasn't a genius at singing, that

I wasn't a genius at anything.

Everybody is a genius.

But if you judge a fish

by its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life

believing that it is stupid.

            ~ Albert Einstein
And it would be a mistake for you to think YOU

don't have a genius within you, either.

That's why Seth Godin says you must OWN -

and "feed and amplify and glorify" your genius -

in order to get paid for it and prosper.

It wouldn't be until years later that I would discover -

and fully begin to OWN - my true genius.

[I'll share more soon - in fact, it turns out that a big part of my genius

is helping you discover and profit from yours!]

Now, let's talk about YOU (and this is important).
Your Signature GeniusYOU have a Signature
Genius -
  it's that unique
blend of gifts, talents,
experience, expertise,
personality and style -
and unique ways of
expressing that genius -

that only you can share.
And if you don't share it,
the world won't have it.

Sharing your gifts
and genius IS
your purpose.
It is actually what you are here to express -
what you were born to do - and when you share it,
it fills you with joy, and fills the world
with your highest and best contribution.

Your Genius IS Your Prosperity

AND sharing your gifts and genius IS

the key to your PROSPERITY, as well.

(Much more on this to come, as we go forward.)

As I'll share in my next message, the first problem is,

most of the time we ourselves are the LEAST LIKELY

to recognize our own genius, at least initially -

and so it can be even more challenging

for us to OWN it and SHARE it.

Yet that's EXACTLY what we must do,

to get paid for sharing our genius.
P.S. ISeth Godin Giftt's more crucial
than ever
for you to
discover and share your
unique genius, because,
as Seth Godin shares in
your Genius Guide Gift -
(page 4) -

today, those who

must stand out.

Next time, I'll share
the three (3)
reasons why
you may have
to discover what your
own Signature Genius IS
and I'll give you some tips on
how to do just that.

So if you've not yet claimed your GIFT -
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P.P.S. For those of you who already have begun to unearth the gold
in the Genius Guide -
  I'd love for you to"Comment"below - and share
your favorite insight and/or Seth Godin quote

so far - let me know THE ONE THING that most inspired you from your Guide -

and I'll share some of your favorites next time, OK?

To your GENIUS!
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