UK Health Radio / Danielle Sax - Discover Your Genius with Julie Ann Turner


Why Renaissance leaders need not settle for sharing less than their full selves

Julie Ann's Renaissance Genius message has always resonated globally - and she was featured on UK Health Radio, the biggest global health radio platform on the Internet.

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Listen now to hear the
* turning points,
* classic mistakes,
* key takeaways, and
* essential choices
that enable you to realize your life's big vision and Great Work.

This UK Health Radio Interview with Julie Ann Turner reveals why Renaissance women need not settle for sharing less than their full selves - with all their diverse ideas, interests and gifts - and how they can weave all their genius into a brilliant, unified, prosperous Body of Work - their life's Great Work, that expresses and fulfills them, inspires the world, and impacts the lives of those they guide.

Danielle Sax - a multi-talented Renaissance woman whom Julie Ann guided to publish her first book - Shifting Out of Chronic Stress - and to map out and monetize her own unique Great Work - interviews Julie Ann about her genius journey ...

... and, notably, Danielle now has her own radio show on UK Health Radio - From Stress to Authentic Success - through connections made through our initial work together, and is sharing her message globally, and her business is thriving and growing.

When YOU share all of your unique gifts ...

.. in what I call "SIGNATURE GENIUS" - which is the one-of-a-kind blend of gifts, talents, expertise, experience, and style of expression unique to you - you provides the greatest possible value to those you serve, and you make your highest possible contribution to the world.

Yes, you have a SIGNATURE GENIUS.

Not only do you have a singular blend of gifts, they are designed to prosper you, at the same time that they bless the world. Your genius not only lifts you up, it uplifts others, as well.

And you are meant to live from this genius, every day.  And when you activate it, to optimize your peak performance - you can achieve the IMPOSSIBLE.

What, then, is it worth to discover your genius?

It is priceless. Beyond measure.

It is the difference between Oprah Winfrey being a CPA, or one of the world's most influential voices and prosperous women in the world. (A remarkable story I share in my SIGNATURE GENIUS Workshop.)

As a modern Renaissance woman, with a multitude of gifts, talents and ideas to share - the key is weaving all those gifts together into a unified, brilliant, prosperous Body of Work - a Signature Identity, that will stand out, shine so brightly, and light you up - that the world will take notice.

And whether you find yourself leading a life-transforming workshop of 30 other visionary women, or guiding them 1-on-1 with deep life changing principles, or publishing your groundbreaking book that touches thousands, or standing on a TEDx or a world stage - you will have your moments, your impact on the world, too.

When you do, you will finally feel fulfilled, elated, ecstatic - knowing you are sharing exactly what you came to this world to share, that no one else can share in exactly the way you do.

Here's the thing:
Far too many (yes, even visionary, Renaissance women) think they need something MORE to share their genius (more certifications, more templates and "blueprints," more tactics and technology).

The truth?
Your SIGNATURE GENIUS is already within you - and it is the most valuable asset you already possess.

Now it is time for you to recognize, organize, monetize and self-actualize it.

You’re here to express your Signature Genius,
and we’ll help you craft unique services & experiences
to transform the lives of your ideal tribe,
and to package them into unique services, products and experience -
so you generate multiple streams of income, ideally matched to your genius,
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How to Build a HIGH-IMPACT Business
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