4 Steps to Prosper from Your Genius (ROMA)


We surveyed our global ConsciousSHIFT community of visionary, Renaissance leaders - to hear your biggest challenges when it comes to prospering from sharing your Signature Genius ...

... your one-of-a-kind blend of gifts, talents, experience, expertise, message and style that constitutes your greatest asset and highest contribution to the world.

First, from your responses, we identified the 4 steps essential to prospering from sharing your SIGNATURE GENIUS - what I call ROMA.

Which of these steps resonate most with you, for where you are right now?
(feel free to share in the Comments below)

to prosper from sharing your genius:

Don't know what my Signature Genius is and/or don't recognize the value of it

Tons of gifts, interests and ideas, but no way to organize into a unified business or signature body of work

Don't know how to monetize (package and offer) my genius

Have a Big Vision, but can't seem to get my message and movement out in the world

Second, we also discovered 3 Top Insights relevant to your success in sharing your SIGNATURE GENIUS.


Discover the invaluable insights you and your fellow Visionaries shared!


* Almost 1/3 (29%) say you know what your Signature Genius is;
  but nearly 2/3 (71%) are "still trying to figure that out"

* Of those of you who are still trying to discover
  your Signature Genius, a full 87% have so far
  found it "difficult to discover it" -

* Even more (90%+, so far) have found it hard to monetize it.


You've tried A LOT of things
to discover your Signature Genius ...

  (Strengthsfinders, Myers-Briggs,
  Career Profiles, Personality Profiles, etc.)
* Books
  (dozens, from Think & Grow Rich to
   What Color is Your Parachute, etc.)
* Spiritual/Healing Techniques
   (EFT, EST, Enneagram,
   numerology, astrology, etc.)
* Psychological/Coaching Techniques
  (hypnosis, archetypes, therapy, coaching, etc.)

And yet, so far, the large majority
say that it has been difficult to
discover your Signature Genius -
and so are still "constantly seeking that missing piece"
to express and profit from sharing it with the world.

(More on that, below - because, as you can see,
this is exactly why this series is striking
such a chord with you all.)


You WANT to profit from sharing
your Signature Genius (over 80%)
(and, strikingly, some of you mentioned
you want your children to know this, as well)

The large majority of you were roughly split between:

"I want to make my life Signature Genius my life’s work,
but I’m not sure how or where to start" (38%)

"I have tons of ideas - but no idea how to craft them
to create a cohesive, unified, profitable business" (31%)

Followed closely by:

"I’m already working with my Signature Genius,
and want to make even MORE IMPACT and INCOME" (26%)

And finally:

"I want to make a BIG contribution, but not necessarily
as a career (e.g., help build schools in other countries)" (5%)


Expressing a true Visionary profile,
the PRIMARY REASON you want
to build a prosperous life based on
your Signature Genius is:

#1 - IMPACT (28%)
I want to help more people
and make a difference in the world

Significantly, you and your fellow Visionaries across the globe
value IMPACT - making a difference in the world - as important,
if not slightly more important
, than just making an INCOME
(while profiting from your genius is essential, and highly valued, too).

IMPACT is followed closely by:

#2 - INCOME (25%)
I want to increase my income and profitability

#3 - FREEDOM (25%)
I want to be able to work where and when I want

#4 - LIFESTYLE (22%)
I want to be able to travel, spend time
with family/friends, experience adventures

And, of course, almost everybody desired
all of these (you were asked to rank them).

Clearly, prospering from sharing your genius
is striking a chord with you ...

... but NOT living from your genius
is costing you a lot, as well ...

... as you expressed you're "feeling burnt out" ...

with "many plates spinning" and "pressure to stay afloat" ...

or "in survival mode" ... "help me find myself, please!"

So, if you're feeling this, you're not alone.

And what do you WANT MOST?

You desire "non-judgmental guidance and clear, doable action steps" ...

on "how to pull it all together in a cohesive package" ...

that will "express my Signature Genius and
prosperous contribution." 

You’re here to express your Signature Genius,
and we’ll help you craft unique services & experiences
to transform the lives of your ideal tribe,
and to package them into unique services, products and experience -
so you generate multiple streams of income, ideally matched to your genius,
gifts and style … see exactly how, in Julie Ann's rave-reviewed webinar

How to Build a HIGH-IMPACT Business
Around Your Secret Genius ... Without Sacrificing
Your Security, Your Sanity or Your Freedom

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  1. Heather M. Brooks says:

    I would like to teach choreography, among other things. My primary concern is getting the start up money. If you have any suggestions, that would be great. I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day.

  2. This is exactly the issue I am having. What is genuine and what are just fantasies? Can one person really have several diggerent passions that make sense in a cohesive manner? We are asking the right questions and I'm eager to learn the answer.

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