What does it really take to reach the Dream?

When we hear Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech,

we are inspired by his moving message,

impressed by his mastery of language,

and influenced to share that powerful dream.


And we would never suspect that, when he began his visionary journey,

that MLK was initially a reluctant leader* ...

... and, yes, even MLK admitted

before his first pivotal civil rights speech

that he, too, was "possessed by fear" and "a feeling of inadequacy" -

before he took the stage and successfully rallied the response

to Rosa Park's arrest, to initiate a revolution for freedom.

Can you believe it?

And yet, even though he felt afraid and even inadequate initially
(as do almost all of us), Martin Luther King
assumed his unique leadership power to make a difference,

and began where he was, with what he had to share.

And that's the key.

MLK had the TWO ESSENTIAL THINGS ALL Visionaries possess:

* He had a VISION (the Dream) larger than himself -

* He knew and drew on the SIGNATURE GENIUS he had to share.

For MLK, his SIGNATURE GENIUS included his gifts and talents (speaking),

skills and style (mastery of language), experience (growing up in the South),

education (a Ph.D.) - which, blended together, created a one-of-a-kind genius,

and enabled Martin Luther King, Jr. to step up as the ideal visionary voice

for this pivotal time in US history, the Civil Rights Movement.

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In our next post, we'll share how Steve Jobs

and Apple overcame challenges - remarkable ups and downs -

(as all visionaries do)

to become the success we know today

(you'll discover how you, too, can overcome,

and succeed to BE YOUR DREAM).
To your GENIUS!
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* References: The Journal of American History,  Vol. 74, No. 2, Sep., 1987 - "Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Spirit of Leadership"

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