Even a Viking must have a vision (and why you must, too).


Yes, even a Viking*

must have a Vision ...
In fact, "a Vision greater than oneself"

is essential to success

(which is why YOU must have one, too).

So, do you?

Do YOU have a Vision
"greater than yourself"

guiding you right now?

And if so, does that Vision

draw on and magnify the singular value of your unique, SIGNATURE GENIUS ...

From Genius Tony Laidig's "The Viking Project" Gallery

.... the unique constellation of gifts, talents, experience, expertise and style -

that sets you apart from all others? ...
Because that's what it takes (see below)

to not only make a larger-than-life

impact on the world - but also to receive the

income you deserve and desire from inspiring

your ideal tribe to share their greatness, too.
You know you've envisioned more for your life.
In his book Drive, researcher and bestselling author Dan Pink says that science reveals there are three (3) things that motivate us to success:

[Listen to my ConsciousSHIFT Show interviews with Dan Pink #11 &#103 on iTunes]

1. Autonomy – the desire to direct our own lives [YOUR OWN MAP].

2. Mastery — the urge to get better and better at something that matters [SIGNATURE GENIUS].

3. Purpose — the yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves [VISION].
I've guided more than 750 visionary women entrepreneurs (and many wise men) to craft success after success, on their own terms - on all three of these 3 ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS ... and recently, with the success of my international Bestseller GENESIS OF GENIUS, we've witnessed ever-rising demand for me to create a transformational series and to personally guide you to visually map out and apply this proven Success System for yourself - and this week we're offering this powerful opportunity to you!
Sampling of RAVE REVIEWS ...

Already, I've benefited from a PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION

and a reconnection to my core values ....  

I now KNOW what I am to do ... So many things

that have helped me CRYSTALLIZE MY PLANS ...

                                 Aline Munsch,

                                 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The guided exploration, SPECIFIC, PERSONAL GUIDANCE,

insight and clear direction, and VISUAL PLANNING process

and tools are excellent! And my Advance One-on-One

Session with you - that ALONE is worth the entire investment!

                                         Nicole Bennett,                   

                                         Eugene, Oregon

“You’ve helped me earn 10x what I was previously charging for the same program…”


Prior to working with you, Julie Ann, getting a client was something that would typically take up to

2 months… now, after our work together, I just met with a CEO this week and in 5 minutes he understood I was the right person for him to work with. And at 10 times what I was charging previously for this same program! All this clarity and precision about my offers and value comes from the [Signature Genius] work we’ve done together – of asserting myself and believing in myself, and understanding of the specific value I bring and understanding exactly what I do.

                                          Anouche Erbil-Babayan

                                          Paris, France
This is your chance to discover how YOU

can BE THE DREAM you wish to see in the world -

how you can embody and express your SIGNATURE GENIUS,

to IMPACT the world
, and receive the INCOME

you desire and deserve
by inspiring your own

tribe of ideal clients to their greatness ...
To your GENIUS!

Julie Ann Turner
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* And the Vikings' Vision led to their success - in fact, to a Viking Age, from 793 AD to 1066 AD (though not great news for Britain and other conquered territories, at the time), and the Vikings used their own SIGNATURE GENIUS - their remarkable ships and innovative navigation techniques, and they changed the world by introducing laws and democracy along their path.

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