The Ultimate Win-Win


Dutch sculptor, Theo Jansen, has spent the last 28 years designing and building a series of wind-powered creatures called Strandbeests or "beach animals." Jansen’s extraordinary creations, which he describes as “a new form of life,” are a true embodiment of art, science, engineering and performance.

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Where could you leverage the gifts and talents that come as easily to you as breathing?

Sharing what lifts your wings, lights you up, and leverages your gifts as easily as the wind makes a kite soar, or these sea-breeze-powered "Beach Beasts" scoot effortlessly across the sand?

Leveraging your natural genius is like that.

Sharing your SIGNATURE GENIUS allows the gifts and talents that come easily to you to lift you up, set you apart, and provide one-of-a-kind value to the world.

It's the ultimate WIN-WIN:
You do what you do best, which contributes unique value - and naturally generates high value (fulfillment and income) in return.

You’re here to express your Signature Genius,
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