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My 40-Year Dream Realized - Cindy Conley

"I had been to other coaches, and I had spent a fortune ... this time, with Julie Ann's guidance, my 40-year dream is happening."

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What happened next?

Through connections made through her work with Julie Ann, Cindy was on her way to Nashville, to record her FIRST SINGLE! - with a legendary producer and studio.

And - there was more! Now - a sponsor for her first 12-SONG ALBUM.

And now, her Album - recorded in Nashville - is a reality.

Link to Cindy Conley's Album - The More I Seek You.

Today, Cindy is featured on a weekly TV Show on the TCT Network ("Don Frost & Family), and her debut single "The More I Seek You" has been climbing the Pure Gospel Radio charts for more than 9 months.

Link to Cindy Conley's Album - The More I Seek You.

What's YOUR dream?

"Whatever your dream is - it will happen."
~ Cindy Conley

Here's the most important thing (and you'll hear it in Cindy's own words):

Her Big Vision - her 40-year dream - is bigger than any one single or even an album (these are significant milestones - but she's not in it just for accolades or ego) ... she shares this right off the top - her life's work is about creating a movement (a "Cascade of Light" - through concerts and music in communities) to lift others up - no matter their challenges.

The visionaries realizing their dreams in our global community are multitalented, Renaissance women with BIG Visions - writers, speakers, teachers, artists, healers, musicians, coaches/mentors, community leaders and more - here to weave all their gifts together to contribute to changing the world in a significant way.

I guide visionaries who want to create an identity and broader Body of Work that encompasses all their gifts - with a signature message and offers that both unify their life's work, and expand beyond any one way of offering their gifts and work - so, multiple ways to package your signature identity, message and work that would include, but extend beyond, traditional channels for sharing and monetizing your work (whether teachings, art, music, healing practices, writing, speaking, and live and virtual experiences).

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