Offer Session Request

OFFER SESSION Spotlight Consult Request

This is your opportunity to request a Spotlight Consult to help you craft your SIGNATURE OFFER - this is YOUR chance to have Julie Ann personally walk YOU through and mentor you to get crystal clear on your own unique GENIUS. We encourage you to request to be mentored live - you only stand to gain by doing so!

For each Weekly Live OFFER Session "Spotlight Consult" -
Julie Ann will choose one (1) SIGNATURE GENIUS visionary, whose example she thinks will create biggest impact for everyone - so everyone benefits!

Once you apply, we'll be in touch with more details to prepare you for selection and Session - so be sure to request your Spotlight Consult TODAY (don't wait)! (And remember, if you aren't selected for this Live Spotlight Consult Session, you'll have other opportunities in our Weekly Sessions.)

Julie Ann's private clients invest at high levels just for this powerful, life-transforming guidance - and this is your chance to experience it - yourself, or while benefiting from watching a fellow visionary be mentored.

You'll be amazed to witness just how quickly this guidance can clarify the gifts and value you have that you would otherwise never see on your own!

Preparation and Submission

To be considered for Tuesday Spotlight Consults:
Preparation Due no later than the prior Wednesday, 11:00 AM Pacific time (minimum in advance, to be considered for Spotlight Consult).

To be considered for Thursday Spotlight Consults:
Preparation Due no later than the prior Thursday, 11:00 AM Pacific time (minimum in advance, to be considered for Spotlight Consult).

STEP 1) Preparation

In your SIGNATURE OFFER Spotlight Consult, we will be focusing on clarifying your VALUE – the transformations/outcomes/results your contributions, work(s) and services bring in the world.

* Upload each of the completed Preparation documents to your Client Folder in Google Drive by deadline (above) in advance to be considered for a Spotlight Consult for the next Weekly OFFER Session.

>>> Please upload to your Google Drive Client Folder,
your completed fillable PDFs (preferred; or clear. readable photos or scans) of:

  • Your completed GENIUS PROSPERITY Matchmaker Profile
    from Module 3 (very simple to fill out - requires only “x’s” and number rankings) -
    so we may view and discuss what you’ve captured.

    (1-10 ratings - Column 1 in the Profile) and your Top 3 Work(s)
    /Forms of Expression & Value (Column 2 in the Profile) -
    Be sure you have ranked your TOP 3 choices in Column 2

    We’ll want to be able to focus in on ONE of your Top 3 work(s)/projects – which you’ve identified through the core training and worksheets, especially through the GENIUS PROSPERITY Matchmaker Profile.

    This way, in our Session, Julie Ann will guide you forward to more clarity around how your Signature Genius connects with the specific Signature Streams of Income ideal for you, that also leverage your unique gifts and style.

  • Your completed Transformational Value Sheet
    (page 6 of your Golden Value Formula worksheet) from Module 4.

  • In addition, please take clear, large pictures of any of your new or revised
    Power Arc flip charts (readable ;-D) – if that’s where most of your Signature Genius work is - and you also may scan or take pictures of any other work you’ve done, as well – and upload these photos/scans to your Google Drive Client Folder, at least 48 hours in advance of your Session.

Julie Ann reviews and works with your input in advance, for your SIGNATURE OFFER Session – to ensure you make the most progress and receive the highest value out of your Spotlight Consult.

STEP 2) Submit Request for OFFER Spotlight Consult

>>> Send Email to Support {at}

* Subject Line: Request for OFFER Spotlight Consult Session

* In your email, confirm you have completed all the Preparation documents and uploaded them to your Google Drive Client Folder before sending your request.

Once we receive your Request, we will confirm you have completed your Preparation documents - and will notify you if you are selected for the next Weekly OFFER Spotlight Consult, and will be in touch with instructions on joining the Session to be mentored live by Julie Ann.