Live Inspired - Renaissance Woman Interview


Dream no small dreams,
for they have no power
to move the hearts of men.
~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This "LIVE INSPIRED" Interview (click below to watch show) with Julie Ann Turner reveals why Renaissance women need not settle for sharing less than their full selves - with all their diverse ideas, interests and gifts - and how they can weave all their genius into a brilliant, unified, prosperous Body of Work - their life's Great Work, that expresses and fulfills them, inspires the world, and impacts the lives of those they guide.

** Hear the turning points, classic mistakes, key takeaways and essential choices that enable you to realize your life's big vision and Great Work.

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Christina Jenkins - an multi-talented Renaissance woman whom Julie Ann guided to map out and monetize her own unique Great Work - interviews Julie Ann about her genius journey, incorporating Christina's many gifts, which include being an accomplished cellist, an award-winning music teacher, expert mentor and intrapreneur/entrepreneur, speaker and author, amazing mom, global traveler and cultural adventurer (yes, your Signature Genius can encompass all your gifts).

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