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Successful entry into GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper!

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Welcome to GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper!

You're in! Congratulations on honoring yourself - and your genius -
by joining Fastest Path to Prosper!

Julie Ann here. And I am thrilled you have joined us for this one-of-a-kind,
world premiere course that can deliver to you perhaps the most powerful gift
in your entire life ... generating prosperity from discovering and sharing
your Signature Genius.

And, as you'll discover, this is now YOUR FASTEST PATH TO PROSPER -
and it enables you to make both the IMPACT + INCOME
you desire and deserve!

Important Details: Please print and/or save/bookmark this page!

  • FIRST, make sure you receive all your course notifications!

    To ensure you receive the important updates I will be
    sending throughout the Course, please put:

    JulieAnnTurner [ at ]

    and Kaitlyn [at]
    (for my assistant)

    in your email address book and/or white list now.

  • You will receive a detailed Welcome Email
    with many more details on the Course -
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  • The official Support Email Address for the Course is:
    Support [at]


  • Please see your Welcome Email for your
    full Course Schedule - and bookmark this page
    for easy reference (see full schedule below)

    * Please mark your calendars NOW
    with the dates and times of all your
    Course Modules and Live Sessions.

    All Class Modules/Session will be open on each
    Class Day - Tuesdays, starting on
    October 18 -
    Oct. 18, 25 / Nov. 8, 15, 29 / Dec. 6

    You will receive an email and access to each Class Module
    on each of these Tuesday Class Session days, at
    7 am Eastern /6 am Central / 5 am Mtn /  4 am Pacific
    (early afternoon in European time zones - please check to be sure of the time in your time zone).

    * Please Note - the your two (2) Live
    GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Mentor Sessions
    will be held on TUESDAYS, 11/1 and 11/22, at >
    2 pm Eastern /1 pm Central / 12 pm Mtn /  11 am Pacific
    (evenings in European time zones - please check to be sure of the time in your time zone).

    Course Access - Your Private Course Delivery Center

    GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper  is a dynamic, interactive course - combining both proven, recorded weekly video GENESIS OF GENIUS Classes and interactive tools to guide you, step by step - AND 2 Live GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions (see schedule below).    

    Each weekly GENESIS OF GENIUS Module - including your GENESIS OF GENIUS Class pre-recorded video, and the downloadable, step-by-step tools, which will enable you to discover and monetize your unique genius - will be available to you each Tuesday, in our private Course Discovery Center, on the weekly class dates (see schedule below) - where you also will be able to ask questions and get answers about the content in each Module, as you progress.

    That means everything is recorded and available in our private Course Discovery Center, so you may watch your Modules and download your materials whenever you want, with plenty of time to complete your weekly action steps, so you experience clear and consistent progress and results throughout the Course.

    * You will receive access to the 5 GENESIS OF GENIUS Class Modules one (1) week at a time, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
    Your first day of class will be October 18, 2016.
    (IMPORTANT: You will receive your Course Discovery Center login details and access to Module 1 at 6 a.m. Central, on the day before class begins, on Monday, Oct. 17 - so you'll be able to ensure you are able to login when Module 1 is available when the Course begins on Tuesday, Oct. 18). 

    You will receive an email with your login username and password,
    You will be provided with a link to login to the Course Discovery Center at that time.

    Your Online Discovery Center is where you will
    be able to access all your goodies, session
    recordings and Bonuses when the course begins.

    NOTE: Your Course Bonuses will be made available
    to you after the Course begins - and you will receive
    access in the Discovery Center as each Bonus
    is relevant to the Class/Module in the Course
    (so you will not receive all your Bonuses at
    one time - but over the course of the Course).

    * You will receive advance notice and special instructions prior to our two (2) Live GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions, so that you may submit your questions in advance, and also so that you have the opportunity to apply for one of the two live "Hot Seat" live mentoring spots available for each Live PROFIT LAB.

    SESSION ONE - 10/18
    “Instant Alignment” Session
    From Confusion to Clarity:
    Finding Your Fastest Path To Profit

    SESSION TWO: 10/25
    The Signature Genius Identifier Session

    GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions ONE – 11/1
    * Discover Your Signature Genius
    * "Free Yourself from Fear" Experience

    The Genius To Impact + Income Path

    SESSION FOUR: 11/15
    The Golden Value Formula That Sets You Apart (& Boosts Your Profitability) Every Time

    GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions TWO – 11/22
    * Finding Your GOLDEN Value (Vision/Voice/Value)

    SESSION FIVE:  11/29
    From Scarcity to Multiple Streams of Income:
    Your Genius Prosperity Master Map

    BONUS > SESSION SIX:  12/6
    The Genius Rollout Path
    Spiral of Success:
    Setting Your Prosperity on Autopilot

  • Course Guidance & Support
    Throughout the Course, in addition to the abundant guidance,videos and tools you will receive in each Course Module, and in our 2 Live Profit Lab Mentoring Sessions,
    you will have several avenues for excellent support as you go.

    * And remember, if you don't ask - we won't be able to respond or know how to best help you - so do take advantage of these support options ... we want you to succeed!

    > Please use the following three (3) Support Options, each with its own purpose
    (so we may best serve you quickly, and through the most appropriate channel
    for the type of question you have/type of support you need - see below).

    [NOTE: It is important that you use the appropriate channel for your questions -
    otherwise, we won't be able to respond as quickly, and we want to be sure we serve you
    or your GENESIS OF GENIUS fellow Course participants at the highest level.]

    1) Class Session Guidance/Support Questions -
    Please post your questions in the Q&A section within the related Class Module - that way we can answer, and everyone will benefit from your question and our guidance/responses.

    2) Sharing Your Genius & Work/Connecting with Fellow Course Participants
    in our private GENESIS OF GENIUS Course Facebook Group

    You will be encouraged to post and share in our private GENESIS OF GENIUS Course Facebook Group (you'll receive access as the Course begins) your Signature Genius, your vision/mission, your maps, and more (lots of fun!), to give and receive feedback and encouragement, and to make invaluable connections and even potential partnerships across the globe that will serve you throughout the Course, and beyond.

    It is a huge benefit of this program.

    As the date of our first session approaches, you will receive specific access details to join the Facebook Group.

    IMPORTANT: Please note and honor:
    The GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Private Facebook Group
    is a space for connection, interaction, sharing ideas and Course work/creations
    and conversation around key concepts and Course topics -
    * it is not the space for requesting support
    for the Course itself or for technical/access support
    (about downloading, course materials, access to the Discovery Center once open, etc.).

    We want to keep our private Facebook Group free of these access/technical or other
    pure support questions (and these questions will be removed as Facebook posts,
    and the support responses moved to private email support, if necessary,
    to keep the Facebook Group uncluttered.

    3) Official GENESIS OF GENIUS Course Support Email
    [Support [at]]

    For any Course technical or access/materials/resource questions, or any other questions, concerns or feedback on the Course itself, not related to a specific Course Module

    > Please make a note of, and use, the official Course Support email address:

    Support [at]

    Finally, if you're not sure about where to post your question - simply contact us first through the Course Support Email Address - support (at)

    And, of course, feel free to send us feedback at the Support Email (above) on what you like most about the Course, what else you think might be helpful to include, etc. - as we're always co-creating with you to improve GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper and make it the most valuable it can be!

    We always want the highest and best for you.

  • Live Sessions Recorded

    We have made every effort to accommodate the time zones

    of our participating Visionaries across the globe -

    which is why we've made your weekly Course Modules

    and materials available to you each week in our private

    Course Discovery Center -  and, if for any reason you miss even one

    of our live PROFIT LAB Sessions ... no worries!

    You will receive a link to recordings of the sessions

    so you never miss a powerful secret. It may take us up to 48 hours

    after the live session before we have it edited and ready for you.

    Even if you can't make one of the

    GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Sessions, you will be still be able

    to submit your questions in advance, so that I may address them.

We are genuinely excited, and looking
forward to all the great things you will
accomplish during our time together.

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