Fund Your Dream Financing



We’ve partnered with a top-notch financing company, that offers affordable investment plans (depending on your investment amount, credit rating and finance period, with zero prepayment penalties) – so you may invest and get started on sharing and monetizing your Great Work through the Signature Genius Fast Track program now.

This Pre-Approval Application process will not affect your credit rating (as it involves only a “soft pull” to check your status) - and takes less than five minutes to complete - and you will  immediately see a range of investment options available to you. Let’s get started! 

First, click here to open the Pre-Approval Application Link.
Private Pre-Approval Application (takes 3-5 mins.)

Second, watch the video tutorial (click the video below).
We recommend you use the full-screen option to see the application steps clearly.

Third, follow the step-by-step written instructions (PDF) as you fill out the Application form.

Important: There are a few specific instructions to follow to ensure you receive your most accurate and best funding options, so please follow the steps carefully.

ConsciousSHIFT Financing App PDF Tutorial Guide

The Video Tutorial and Guide are designed to guide you step by step to successful approval, and  answer all your questions. However, if at any time you have questions, simply contact us at

Once your funds for your loan are deposited
into your account, you will receive an email from your lender. Then, simply using a debit card to transfer your investment, you may move forward with the Signature Genius Program!

Congratulations on investing in sharing and monetizing your life’s Great Work!