365 DAYS OF GENIUS Renaissance Circle Membership FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

How quickly would your life transform  and your dreams become real
if you were fully - and practically -
  able to infuse your genius
into every day of your life? 

Let's face it, though - it's surprising how often 
we're tempted to deny our own genius  ... 

In fact, we're often the least likely (at least initially) to recognize
our own GENIUS and the unique value it brings the world ... 

So, you probably have real questions about exactly what your unique genius is - and, if you're like the visionary leaders I work with across the globe - you need a place to ask them, so you can get valuable answers. 

365 DAYS OF GENIUS IS that shared space for us to answer those questions - as you're led by an expert guide, through a custom-crafted, 12-month genius journey - within a shared, private community of fellow visionary women. 

Many of your fellow visionaries have been emailing me with questions about joining the 365 DAYS OF GENIUS Renaissance Circle Membership.

So I wanted to get right back to you with answers to your most common questions ... 

  1. What is the 365 DAYS OF GENIUS™ Renaissance Circle Membership?

    Your 365 DAYS OF GENIUS™ Renaissance Circle Membership
    is a 12-month interactive, immersive, action-oriented experience,
    training and community ...

    ... that not only includes 4 Master Renaissance Mindset Courses (4 Genius Mindsets every successful leader and visionary possesses), but most importantly, surrounds you with the daily and weekly guidance, tools, action steps, support – and global community filled with other Renaissance women in our exclusive Renaissance Circle Community - so you truly live from, and prosper from sharing, your genius every single day of the year.

  1. Who is 365 DAYS OF GENIUS ideal for?

YOU - if you have (some or all):

 Tons of Gifts, Talents and Interests (but can't decide on just one, and don't yet know how to package and monetize your value)

Likely still just sharing "other people’s stuff” - when you know it's time to be sharing your own genius, wisdom and body of work.

Invested in lots of certifications, programs, technology, marketing tools (the "train box cars") - but haven’t broken out ... because it’s still not clear what sets you apart (the "train engine" - your unique genius)

Unable to clearly communicate the value of the message and transformation you offer (“People don’t get it”; message seems "scattered")

Doing everything you know how to make this work - but nothing is working or gaining traction (busy-ness, but not much business)

Have a BIG vision, but are not just a dreamer

No longer willing to settle for less or be less than you were born to be

Committed to invest in yourself because you believe in YOUR value - and you're committed to take action on your genius - with the proper guidance and environment.

Important Note:

This is only for you if you are committed to participating in the Renaissance Circle and taking action on the abundant guidance, Courses, and tools provided in your 365 DAYS OF GENIUS Membership

365 DAYS OF GENIUS is designed to help you tap into, activate and grow your own unique GENIUS every single day ... but that only happens if you take action. 

The more you participate and contribute, the more you benefit - so when you join us, make that commitment to yourself now, to go all-in for your own GENIUS. 

You owe that to your BEST SELF - and to your fellow visionaries.

 We are co-creating a culture of greatness - and we'd love you to be a part of it.

  1. What about my Master Renaissance Mindset Courses (see full Course List here)?

When you join 365 DAYS on Jan. 1 (or in Q1), you immediately receive your first Master Renaissance Mindset Course - the 12 DAYS OF VISION Course - the very best way to clarify your New Year's Vision & highest potential step by step - right now.

[Special note: If you join 365 DAYS before Jan. 1, you will immediately receive our Q4 Leadership Mindset Course (5 Conscious Shifts) - and then, on Jan. 1, you will receive your Q1 Vision Mindset Course (12 Days of Vision).]

Our exclusive 4 Master Renaissance Mindset Courses includes 4 Complete Courses (see full Course List here), 1 Course per Quarter (each sequenced to align with 365 Themes/Trainings) + 2 Profit & Leadership Guides

To fully own it and prosper from sharing genius, you need the 4 Master Renaissance Mindsets this series activates in you, through our exclusive 4 Step-by-Step Courses on Vision, Fear, Prosperity & Leadership.

One of the most valuable and unique aspects of 365 DAYS OF GENIUS is that we will all be experiencing and discussing our transformations from these Courses in our online Renaissance Circle together, which creates an invaluable, shared experience unlike any other.

  1. So you're also hosting Monthly Training Sessions?

Yes! Every month I'll be teaching and hosting trainings around our 365 DAYS OF GENIUS Monthly Themes, providing expert guidance on strategic, sequential, essential topics to boost your genius, with custom-crafted content sequenced to grow your genius progressively every month.

You will receive advance notice prior to my monthly Training Sessions - and we'll be inviting you to submit your questions in advance - so you can make the most of every Session.

  1. What if I'm traveling ... or can't make all the 365 Trainings live?

That's the brilliance of 365 DAYS OF GENIUS. Every engaging daily prompt/Circle dialogue, all weekly Action Steps/Questions, and each monthly Training (recorded, if for any reason you cannot attend live) - will be available for you in our private online Renaissance Circle Community - available to you at any time, whenever best fits your schedule (and for review and re-listening, which we also highly recommend) ...

... and in your online 4 Master Renaissance Mindset Courses, which are recorded and accessible to you 24/7 in our 365 Membership site, so you may watch your Courses and download your tools whenever you want. 

  1. What is the Renaissance Circle Community?

Our exclusive, private online environment where you and your fellow kindred-spirit, Renaissance visionaries (yes, you are one of us!) will be connecting every day - answering questions, exchanging guidance, and receiving feedback, encouragement and support from your fellow visionary siSTARs throughout the world.

As we grow, there will not be another global gathering of Renaissance women like this anywhere - and it's arguably the most valuable part of the 365 DAYS OF GENIUS experience.

You will receive Monthly Themes, dates for Julie Ann's Monthly Sessions, and Circle highlights via email ...

 ... but the best way to stay current, and benefit most, is to stay tuned in to the Renaissance Circle Facebook Group every day.

 We'll be posting Weekly Questions, Polls, Prompts and other Resources in the Group - so stay tuned in daily, and you won't miss a thing!

  1. Are you offering a payment plan or a discount?

Yes - BOTH! Enroll for this 12-month 365 DAYS OF GENIUS Membership either with a $99 Monthly investment, or with a one-time Annual $1,000 investment (which gives you 2 months free). Either available through PayPal or credit card.

Right now, the investment is at an astounding 87% discount - offering $7,500 in value, with your investment starting at only $99/mo. or only $1000 (87% off), for the full 12 mos. (Annual investment essentially gives you 2 mos. free).

  1. What if I'm not sure I'll get a return on my investment?

You can get started for just $99.

I believe that YOU believe in yourself enough to invest $99 - and believe you can take action on your first month of 365 DAYS OF GENIUS guidance, your first of our 4 included Master Renaissance Mindset Courses, and Renaissance Circle interaction and connections - and believe that all you'll gain in your first month will propel you forward, not only enough to invest for another month - but also to grow every day, week and month of this year - and on into LIVING YOUR GENIUS 365 days and into REALIZING YOUR DREAM.

That's all it takes to get started. 

You can cancel at any time.

I believe you'll stay, grow and flourish. 

I know you are worthy. 

You know you are worthy.  Join us here.

  1. Why is THIS the BEST TIME to invest in myself - and in 365 DAYS OF GENIUS?

As I shared in my SIGNATURE GENIUS Workshop, which is where we met:

What if Oprah were (only) a CPA? And had never tapped into her true genius?

 What if Leonardo Da Vinci never picked up a brush or a pen?

What will the world - and you - miss if you don't discover and claim your true genius?

What is living your true genius and reaching your true potential
worth to you?

You've been looking for a powerful, proven way to step into your Greatest Year -
that will finally elevate you to true life transformation,
to your own personal Renaissance.

If not now, when?

In 365 DAYS OF GENIUS, you've found your fellow visionaries,
your "people," your tribe.

9. BONUS: And - if you've been desiring to shift up to SIGNATURE GENIUS
to work even more closely with me – you can start with 365 DAYS OF GENIUS now,
and your entire investment in 365 DAYS will be counted toward your SIGNATURE
GENIUS investment, as a credit, when you're ready to shift up, as well.
Win-win, right?

Join us now.