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Best-Selling Author & Platform Expert Suzanne Falter
shares how the POWER ARC Experience raised her Visionary Game!


Quite literally, across the globe, the STARS are aligning -
the World-Changers, Thought-Leaders & Light-Shifters
(like Suzanne Falter, Eva Gregory, and so many others)
are stepping up, and into, their Singular GREATNESS -
their highest purpose, profitability & potential ...
their LEGACY-Level LIFE & WORK...


In the above photo, POWER ARC Creator Julie Ann Turner guides
Suzanne Falter during the POWER ARC Intensive at Carmel.
During this intensive, Suzanne discovered "coaching process & tools"
that help her step into "Who I Am as a Leader & to make my BIG Vision reality...
I can really SEE the future - and I can DO this!"
(Hear Suzanne's story in the 1 min. video clip above)

What will YOUR Legacy be?

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Discover your Singular GREATNESS -
and clarify your highest-level vision, value, and life contribution -
your LEGACY- from which all your signature work(s) -
and your clear, consistent and compelling brand, positioning and messages - flow.
Graduates gain clarity about their "Highest Vision," their
"Unique Purpose/Strengths," their "Life Contribution & Legacy,"
their "Brand Identity," and the "Value/Contribution I Offer to
those I Serve
" all doubled, with our guidance.
Suzanne Falter-Barns

For so long, I've been having all these jumbled-up thoughts about what my next BIG piece of work is - and, UNTIL NOW,
I had not been able to find a tool - or even a coaching process that really gave me the CLARITY to step into WHO I AM AS A LEADER - and really have that BIGGER VISION ...

I have just finished Julie Ann Turner's POWER ARC INTENSIVE, and it is GREAT! It has significantly moved me forward and made me feel like I can SEE the future - and I get that I CAN DO THIS ...
Thanks to Julie Ann Turner and POWER ARC, I'm going to reach millions of people with a global presence ....

Align your Multiple - and most powerful - work(s)
with multiple streams of INCOME.
Graduates gained the clarity and confidence to quadruple their fees (or more) immediately, following our guidance, once they understand the unmatched value they provide to clients.
Their confidence in "Aligning My Pricing & Compensation
to Match My True Value
" doubled.
In fact, their confidence about "Aligning My Multiple Work(s)
(Products, Services, Offers)with Multiple Streams of Income
" nearly tripled.
Amethyst Wyldfyre

I really appreciate how much the work we've done together has helped me to get even more clarity around WHO and HOW I AM - and WHERE I AM BEST ABLE - to SERVE myself, and the people who I am here to serve, in the BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE.

Craft your personal, powerful Master Work/Life Framework
based on the universal principles of creation, distilled into master stages and steps that you may use immediately, and in every moment, to create the life and work you most desire.
Graduates' confidence that they indeed could "Create the Life & Work
I Truly Desire
," doubled
, once they had this master framework,
which we custom-tailor and co-create to fit each participant.
Our patent-pending, repeatable, proven sequence (unlike any shared elsewhere) gives you the turnkey tools (not just concepts, but visual, replicable, proven tools) to craft the exact life you envision - as well as to co-create the business you choose, in dynamic alignment with others - to navigate, align, accelerate profitability - and succeed - even in an ever-changing, globally competitive marketspace.
Graduates' confidence in their "Ability To Thrive & Succeed Through Change,"
and their sense of value that the "Power Arc System Itself - its Stages, Steps & Tools -
Helps Me Reach My Highest Goals/Vision
," both doubled.
Cathy Bendzunas

You helped me IMAGINE things for myself
that would never occur to me.

Now I'm seeing where there is
that they can actually happen,
along with ANYTHING ELSE
I really want - and that's

I am busy crafting out my life and work arcs ...
and am so excited about the FUTURE.

Cathy Bendzunas

Forever leave behind you any lack of focus, procrastination,
or wasted, lost time wondering if you're headed in the right direction,
or if your efforts are going to pay off - because you will know, without a doubt,
that every step you take within this master framework will move you clearly
and consistently toward what you have chosen to create - because you've
clearly envisioned it and aligned every step and action with your highest vision and values
at every level.

Graduates' clarity and confidence in "Having An Overall Framework
for Life-Work Success
and their sense of value in "Having a Master Creative Process
that Works at All Levels of Life/Work
" both doubled, as well.


You’ve helped me earn 10x what I was previously charging for the same program…

Prior to working with you, Julie Ann, getting a client was something that would typically take up to 2 months… now, after our work together, I just met with a CEO this week and in 5 minutes he understood I was the right person for him to work with. And at 10 times what I was charging previously for this same program! All this clarity and precision about my offers and value comes from the (Signature Genius) work we’ve done together – of asserting myself and believing in myself, and understanding of the specific value I bring and understanding exactly what I do.

Anouche Erbil-Babayan
Paris, France

Effortlessly prioritize your highest-payoff actions
and align the ideal resources and support to propel your
productivity and profitability to ever-higher levels
(you'll no longer be "the Busy Bee," but instead attract
the perfect resources - and clients - who appreciate and value your work(s).

You'll take confident action on clearly mapped-out "Best Next Steps" -
no longer settling for "next-best" steps or watered-down compromises.
You will always know - and actually see (with our exclusive VISUAL Framework) -
that you are indeed choosing the highest in every moment.

Tomar Levine

It was fun to fill out your POWER ARC questionnaire and see HOW MUCH HAS CHANGED in my inner and outer life.

I can hardly believe the many pieces that are COMING TOGETHER and moving toward manifestation. ...

And if this is what's happened in just the last couple of months, what does the future hold???

Sophie Valicon

Since we began, I’ve tripled my fees and am getting new clients…

Since we began, I’ve created new packages for CEOs – I’ve tripled my fees, and I’m getting new clients! I also just crafted a proposal for $50K – the most I’ve ever charged. It’s really great work – I can’t express how happy I am to have this experience with you… so amazing! It’s been such a great joy to discover all you’ve shared. It really speaks to my mind and my heart… and it’s also fun!

Sophie Valicon
Paris, France
Gay Enright

“You Got Butterflies Fluttering In My Head To Fly In Formation…”

“With your magic wand you Julie Ann you: Moved those beautiful butterflies that were fluttering in my head into formation. Pulled wondrous words out of thin air and fashioned them into my core message. And whisked away the swirling tornado of potential ways to move forward, and simplified them into 3 steps.

You also told me a very important secret truth about how to recognize the lies I tell myself, the ones that knock me off my path. Then you generously gave me a magic wand too so I can transform them into positive energy.”

May Beauty and Wonder be with you

Gay Enright
Pittsboro, NC

Live the truly balanced and joyful life you've imagined -
7creatorsguide-mncmbtjdbpoovxrqdtizwettmmkmymuc-v2because you are clearly crafting and consciously creating the lifestyle, relationships, self-growth,health and wellness, travel and fun (yes, we show you how to consciously create what you truly want at every level of your life ... and we ensure your life benefits from just as much focus and transformation as your work(s) do!).

Graduates' experience of "Life/Work Balance" doubled. Moreover, our graduates' experience of "Joy," "Creativity," "Confidence," and "Sense of Personal Power" also doubled (yes, we quantified this, too!)

Carol Peccorini

I want to pause today and thank you for the amazing work of your life that you have created with the POWER ARC.

I feel so blessed to be part of the process and among those from our time together.
I feel the flow returning, the life force ... and I am filled with gratitude.

Thank you for our gifts, too, which you created with such care, and for all the special arrangements you made ... I joyfully received and I know it is part of the circulation of giving back, as well.
I will pay it forward. ...

I can feel myself coming home to myself fully.
I could weep with joy and gratitude.

Again, truly thank you for being who you are and for what you have created to bring your highest gifts to the World.

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Eva Serlachius

I’m confident now after 3 years of hesitating, to switch careers…

As I shared with you, I had been trying to figure out what I want to do for 3 years now. To be more precise, I have worked very hard for 3 years to make a career move / change and had not taken the step yet. Now, I feel very confident now that I really need and want to ‘honor who I am’ and allow myself to find / create that job that is meant for me.

I am also more aware now than ever that – with my ‘new’ set of strengths (which we identified) in the limelight – the new job/venture can actually be in several different industries. I am excited to start positioning myself, now that I am now clear I am looking for. What a powerful process you guided me through.

Eva Serlachius
Paris, France
Jessica Persing

You’ve helped me release self-judgment…

Hi Julie Ann, Wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your help, guidance and love on the call yesterday. It has truly helped propel me forward on my journey, and release the judgment I held over my head. You are an amazing woman and I really appreciate your time and wisdom.

Jessica Persing
London, UK