Attention, Fellow Visionary Entrepreneur!  Want to make a bigger IMPACT AND INCOME?
Let me show you how to 2X-10X your business, in less than 45 days ...

Make THIS the year YOUR dream comes true!

you desire, simply by sharing
the gifts and unique GENIUS

already within you ...

With a simple, step-by-step system that
transforms your Big Dreams and Bold Ideas

into the IMPACT + INCOME
you've dreamed of!


It's never been EASIER - or FASTER -
to profit from sharing your Signature Genius -

in fact, in today's world this is now

Dear Fellow Visionary Entrepreneur,

You’ve got a Big Vision and Brilliant Ideas to share with the world …

… gifts and guidance to transform lives and IMPACT others for the highest good …

through a prosperous business crafted around your unique GENIUS …

… but, despite your deep commitment, your brilliance, and hard work, in THIS moment:

  • you’re not yet reaching as many people as you’re meant to serve,
  • or making the INCOME that you desire (and deserve),
  • or experiencing the joyful, balanced lifestyle & freedom you envision.

It's beyond confusing and frustrating - at times, it's actually almost unbearable … isn't it?

And no matter what you try (or how hard you try) it always comes down to this painful, inescapable and confusing contradiction:

You have unique GIFTS and GENIUS to share with the world -
that bring extraordinary value.

You LOVE what you do. You EXCEL at what you do.
You TRANSFORM LIVES with what you do.
And those who work with you, swear by you.

Yet ... you’ve been STUCK, STALLED and STRESSED
(for months - or even years?)

  • your Big Vision sometimes seems almost overwhelming
    (it can be hard to see exactly where to start -
    and gain real, INCOME-producing traction).


  • you’re committed to sharing your work with excellence ...
    yet it’s easy to go astray (and DELAY) in the always-planning, always preparing, need-more-certification mode.


  • you’re not crystal clear about your Signature GENIUS and true VALUE ...
    of the unique contribution you offer - and THAT is what will set you
    (and your PROFITS) apart from ALL others.


  • you’ve got so many Brilliant Ideas ...
    but no way to organize them into a powerful, aligned, unified Body of Work  -
    with client-converting offers that consistently generate income
    with ease and flow.


  • you’ve been struggling to make the money to support yourself ...
    yet going without the expert support and guidance you need –
    and realize it’s painfully slow-going, trying to do it all alone.

If this speaks to YOU, I’ve got good news. 

You’re NOT alone … AND you’re in exactly the right place.

Because, up until now, if you wanted to find
powerful, proven ways to truly PROFIT
from sharing the visionary GENIUS
that was UNIQUE TO YOU ...

... you were out of luck - and ON YOUR OWN.

But not any more!

Because for the first time EVER,
there's a PATH MADE FOR YOU.

A PATH that honors how precious your creative gifts are.
A PATH that shows you the way to align them to create
from sharing what expresses your authentic self,
from what comes naturally to you,
from what YOU DO BEST.

A PATH that finally enables you
to live a life filled

are now







& 2x-10x YOUR INCOME!


Eva Gregory

“What Julie Ann shares is quite simply THE MOST BRILLIANT, PROVEN SUCCESS SYSTEM I've encountered … I’ve now shifted to the HIGHEST LEVEL of my work in the world."

Eva Gregory > Bestselling Author & International Coach of the Year




...that YOUR GIFTS and GENIUS align to bring you multiple streams of INCOME – flowing with ease and joy …


  • you ARE making a difference in the world ...
    the IMPACT - you've always known you were here to make.


  • your message IS being shared ...
    and it is resonating - and sparking those you inspire to share their GIFTS, as well.


  • your creative work(s) - delivered with YOUR unique style ...
    are lifting others up and transforming lives, from your own neighborhood,
    and across the planet.


  • your INCOME is flowing ...
    through multiple streams of income - and you're finally being compensated
    at a level worthy of
    the high value only you provide (and your clients instantly recognize that value - and eagerly invest to receive your guidance).


  • you're working less, but making MUCH MORE ...
    and you're now able to travel to wondrous places, for your business -
    with your family, with the extra money and time you now enjoy.


  • you're also able to GIVE ...
    to give generously to your loved ones and friends ... and also to contribute to those causes
    YOU CARE MOST ABOUT  - to gift to others from your growing abundance.

is your treasure map
to make your dream come true!

And it all starts as I guide you - step by step -
through FIVE (5) Signature Genius Sessions
(see below) ...

Each Session is carefully crafted to shift you
out of the LOOP of Busy-ness -
and into the LEAP of your True GREATNESS ...


"Instant Alignment" Session
From Confusion to Clarity:

Finding Your
to Profit

that will bring all your BRILLIANT (but currently scattered) ideas into PROFITABLE alignment and PROSPEROUS flow, so your unique-to-you Fastest Path to Profit (finally) emerges with ease – vibrantly & visually -
right before your eyes.

EVER FEEL LIKE YOU'RE STUCK AT SQUARE ONE?  Like you’re SO CLOSE to discovering your Signature Genius (and the VALUE and profits
it unlocks for you)  … but every time you try to articulate it, you end up frustrated and overwhelmed?

Well, consider your days of spinning your wheels a thing of the past!

In this Session, you’ll discover why NOT believing in and owning your Genius (yes, you have it!) is EXACTLY what has been keeping you from the prosperity you so desperately seek and deserve. That SIMPLE SHIFT in perspective opens multiple portals to profit for you - far beyond what you’ve yet imagined.


Identifier Session

Your PERFECT PROFIT PATH runs through your Signature Genius – the one-of-a-kind blend of gifts, talents, expertise, experience, expression and style that is unique to you …

THIS is the dynamic driver of your natural prosperity, the passionate core of your life purpose, and the critical channel of your contribution to the world (and, as you’ll discover, the key to experiencing your ultimate joy, fulfillment and meaning).


The Genius to

Now that you’ve got your SIGNATURE GENIUS dialed in, this is where we identify and align the IMPACT and INCOME you are here to make.

Far too many visionaries give up
on their DREAM of making a difference
in the world - simply to feed their families
or make more money - they think they must trade IMPACT for INCOME.

And let's face it - that sucks the energy and LIFE out of your vision and work(s), robs you of fulfillment and meaning – and also robs the world of the change you’re here to contribute.

In this Session, we’ll show you EXACTLY HOW to envision and offer ideal experiences to express your GENIUS … that not only MAXIMIZE prosperity in your life, but also AMPLIFY your impact on the world.

get started now

Anouche Erbil-Babayan

“You’ve helped me earn 10 TIMES what I was previously charging
for the same program …

And getting a client once took me
2 months … I just now met with a CEO, and it only took 5 minutes
at this higher level."

Anouche Erbil-Babayan > Co-Owner, Evolution ABC - Paris, France

You KNOW you’ve got an important MESSAGE to share -
and content and guidance that can TRANSFORM LIVES.

So what’s the SECRET FORMULA that propels some to celebrity status
and millions in profit ... while others toil away in obscurity?

The truth is, there is a GOLDEN VALUE FORMULA for framing and positioning that message and content (yes, along with how they are packaged and presented) that can transform your message and content from a “middle-of-the-road/lost-in-the-crowd” commodity to a high-dollar masterpiece - that is showcased, and paid for, at the highest level – and in HIGHEST DEMAND.


 The GOLDEN VALUE Formula  That Sets You Apart (& Boosts Your Profitability) Every Time

And when you know how to use it, this formula for framing your work (yes, YOUR work) both eliminates competition and attracts YOUR TRIBE, as well as brings you the COMPENSATION you’ve deserve.

Truthfully, this session – and secret – alone is worth the entire price of this training, because when you get this, you’ve gained the power to transform any project or offer into GOLD.


From Scarcity to Multiple Streams of Income:
Your Genius Prosperity Master Map

Here’s where IT ALL COMES TOGETHER – and falls delightfully into place … as we employ powerful prosperity strategies - and visually map out your Multiple Streams of Income …

You’ll watch with joy as your TREASURE TROVE of Brilliant Ideas transforms into aligned, flowing revenue streams, all showcasing your unique STYLE.

FINALLY, you'll discover how to shift from the struggle for one-time-success ... to experiencing LIFETIME PROSPERITY
with ease.

The SPIRAL OF SUCCESS is a real, visual, timeless sequence
that will shift you OUT of the cycle of failure ...

... and INTO the ever-increasing SPIRAL OF PROSPERITY.


Spiral of Success
Setting Your Prosperity on Autopilot ($497 Value)

This is one of the most powerful and profound secrets to sustainable PROSPERITY ever revealed - it has been used throughout time by successful visionaries to create success after success - and it will be shared with you in this exclusive BONUS SESSION of GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper.

get started now

Your own GENIUS
is the Gold Mine
already within you
you are meant to monetize
to bring you the RICHES
you are here to claim.

THE TRUTH IS, up until now,
you've been endlessly searching
OUTSIDE yourself

for the SUCCESS
that always seems to elude you ...

... when the HIDDEN GOLD
that is the key to YOUR PROSPERITY
has been
within you all along ...

... just waiting for you to discover it,
and own it, and offer it to the world ...

That's WHY
(IN ADDITION to our 5 Class Sessions),
I'm personally going to provide mentoring through

In this LIVE Mentoring Session, I will demonstrate live - through Hot Seats and Q & A - how a myriad of unique gifts and strengths weave together to CREATE SIGNATURE GENIUS - and unmatched VALUE for those you serve ... and you'll SEE why that GENIUS and VALUE is THE missing centerpiece to the Prosperity Puzzle you’ve been looking for – once you know this, all your ideas and efforts will start to fall perfectly into place.

GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Session 1
($497 Value)

* Discover Your Signature Genius
* FearBuster Formula Mini-Session

>> Live Mentoring/Hot-Seats! <<

GENIUS-TO-PROFIT LAB Live Mentor Session 2
($497 Value)

* Finding Your
Golden Value

>> Live Mentoring/Hot-Seats! <<

In this LIVE Mentoring Session, I will take you - through Hot Seats
and Q & A - BEYOND having a unique message to the world
(though that is essential), to see how identifying the one-of-a-kind VALUE
you provide – is THE ESSENTIAL KEY - to packaging and profiting from the genius within you (and to build a uniquely identifiable, clear and compelling brand).

Sophie Valicon

“Since we began, I’ve created new packages for CEOs – I’ve TRIPLED my fees, and I’m getting new clients!

I also just crafted a proposal for $50K – the most I’ve ever charged ... It’s really great work, a great joy – and it’s FUN!"

Sophie Valicon > NextPhaseProject, Founder & Managing Director

yes let me in

PLUS I'm including
to ensure you're surrounded with resources, support and interaction with your fellow visionaries ...


($697 Value)

Our always-accessible, 24/7 global GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Private Online Community  - where you interact with, encourage and exchange ideas and feedback with your fellow Visionaries across the globe (valuable connections made here can fuel your business with feedback, partnership and more - and last a lifetime!  No more isolation - you're now surrounded by kindred visionary spirits who "get" you - and support you!)

Our always-accessible, 24/7 GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Member Discovery Center, where all your Course Resources - Recordings (Video AND Audio), Bonuses, Books, Checklists and more will be instantly available to you - wherever and whenever is most convenient to you - to propel you forward!


($497 Value)

Suzanne Falter

Now, I can step fully
and really have

Thanks to Julie Ann, I now get
that I CAN DO THIS ..."

Suzanne Falter > International Bestselling Author & Coach

get started now

FINALLY, I'm building in an unprecedented line-up of VALUABLE BONUSES!

Each BONUS is designed to ensure you get a
massive RETURN ON INVESTMENT from this Course!

I'll weave all these special ninja-genius tools into this training in perfect timing - so each tool works like a tiny turbocharger to propel you forward to the next step, effortlessly and in flow.

yes let me in

Amethyst Wyldfyre

I really appreciate how much the work we've done together has helped me to get even more clarity around WHO and HOW I AM ... and WHERE I AM BEST ABLE - to SERVE myself, and the people who I am here to serve, in the BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE ..."

Amethyst Wyldfyre > The Empowered Messenger & Speaker's Mentor
yes let me in


SO, who am I - and why am I qualified to show you how to create unprecedented prosperity from your GENIUS?

I'm Julie Ann Turner, your GENESIS OF GENIUS Guide.

And not only can I show you how
to finally identify
YOUR Signature Genius
and true Value …

for years I've walked the path myself.


You see, I know the fear, the uncertainties and doubts,
the frustration and failure of trial & error,
the struggles (and limits) of trading hours for dollars,
and the mistakes of trying to do it all alone …

I did it the HARD WAY.

After success as a senior executive in international advertising/PR firms,
and as a rising star in a Global 50 tech company ...

I had what looked like success on the outside … but the higher I rose
in the corporate world,
the less my values aligned ...

I KNEW I was not sharing my greatest gifts, and every day
I felt like I was losing more and more of myself ...

And then - when my Mom died, far too young - of cancer, it was A WAKE-UP CALL.

And I took the LEAP. Without a real plan, mind you -
even though my expertise was strategic planning.

I was terrified.

Still, I took the LEAP to find my true path and purpose -
and to create a prosperous life of IMPACT and INCOME from it.


In the process of discovering and living out my life’s purpose …
I discovered the secrets and the specific step-by-step sequence
that I USED to create my own successful business,
AND that enables ALL thought leaders and visionaries
not only to create the impact AND income that supports them,
but to create success after epic success.

As you can see, my path wasn’t always easy.

But NOW I know how to guide YOU – step by step –
to experience and enjoy your own


Over the past 18 years owning my own firm, I’ve created success as a recognized world authority on the master creative process, as the author of the International Bestseller GENESIS OF GENIUS ...

... the host of the global ConsciousSHIFT Show -  featuring visionary guests such as Marianne Williamson, Seth Godin and Dan Pink, and followed by more than 680,000 subscribers worldwide ...

.. and I’m Founder and CEO of ConsciousSHIFT.Me, where I have the privilege of guiding the greatness out of visionary thought leaders across the globe every day. I also am an award-winning social innovator, a highly paid consultant and executive mentor.  

I can show you – as I have hundreds of your fellow visionaries across the globe –
EXACTLY how to do make this IMPACT  and INCOME from sharing your GENIUS, too ...

And because I want you to feel
as confident as I am about the power
of this
Fastest Path to Prosper Course ...

Here's my GENESIS OF GENIUS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

As always, we operate from a place of honesty, integrity and good faith.

Of course, I can't MAKE you discover and profit from sharing your Signature Genius.
In fac
t, I can tell you honestly:  If you don't take action on the guidance you receive in this GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Course, unfortunately, your life won't transform as it does when you live fully from your GENIUS - and you won't increase your impact and income as you desire - and as we've envisioned together here.

But here is what I CAN - and want to - do:

GENESIS OF GENIUS 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am confident that, from the first moment we connect in this GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Course, you will discover – as have hundreds of your fellow visionaries across the globe – how to find and share your Signature Genius to profit from serving your ideal tribe.

So here’s my GENESIS OF GENIUS Guarantee:

Jump in and experience the power of GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Course, and the impact it can have on your clarity of your Signature Genius and its true value, and of multiple ways to prosper from sharing that value.

Enroll now - join us and participate for the first 2 full Class Sessions - and complete all the activities we guide you to complete ... I’m so confident you’ll experience results, that, if, at the close of our 2nd Class Session, you are not equally confident and already have gained significantly more clarity around your Signature Genius and your goals – you may submit your completed activities up to that point (because we're certain once you do the work, you'll see results), you may request and receive an immediate and full refund on your investment in your GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper Course.

PLEASE NOTE: We require your completed assignments from Sessions One thru Two before we process your refund. Why? Well, what we BOTH want most is your success.  And we know that when you take action and apply our GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper steps, techniques and tools, you’ll get results. We know it. We have seen it over and over in our own business and with scores of visionary entrepreneurs across the globe.  And when you take action, it will happen for you!

yes let me in

Our Global Community of Visionary Entrepreneurs
Loves Our Success System  - Because It is So POWERFUL, but SIMPLE to Use ...
So Practical - but also Profound
in the RESULTS it brings you.

get started now

What happens if nothing changes?

Remember - you swore that THIS was the year
you'd STOP settling for less ...

And start building an amazing prosperous life -
by profiting from sharing your unique gifts and GENIUS ...

Now, I understand, for so long, it's been tempting
to simply ignore your GENIUS altogether ...

or just keep telling yourself
you’ll just figure this out
"some other time" ...


But you realize time - and LIFE - keep passing by ...

and you feel a little twinge each time you
mindlessly, numbingly, endlessly
"punch that clock" - day after day, week after week ...


WHY continue to struggle and stress

in a job you dread ...


... and continue denying
your gifts, your true purpose ...




When - FINALLY, in this moment - you COULD BE

stepping into the life you've DREAMED OF for SO long?


Clearly, NOT living from your genius is already costing you a lot.

From my heart I tell you, it's a truth you ignore at great cost:


Now that the world RUNS ON GENIUS,
you must share yours
to truly earn
the prosperity YOUR GIFTS deserve.

And to experience the fulfillment
and CONTRIBUTION to the world.

Fail to do this
, and unfortunately,
you will continue to struggle -
and lose ground.

And the biggest loss -
both to those waiting for your gifts, and to YOU -

is that you will never make the IMPACT & INCOME

your GENIUS is meant to generate for you.

But all that ends when you enroll NOW
Fastest Path to Prosper.

Because it all comes down to the fact there is ONE THING
that can unlock the PROSPERITY waiting for you,
and deliver the LIFE and WORK you dream of ...
instead of the one you dread.

And that's the ability to PROFIT from your one-of-a-kind SIGNATURE GENIUS -
to serve and inspire your ideal clients,
and make the IMPACT & INCOME
you deserve and desire.

This is the FASTEST PATH - maybe the ONLY path -
to fulfilling, prosperous life you truly want most.

And discovering, packaging and sharing your SIGNATURE GENIUS
and the unmatched VALUE your unique gifts bring to the world -
is the BEST WAY to make this dream a reality.

It not only brings multiple streams of income, on your terms,
but also aligns EVERYTHING ELSE in your life and work
to flow from your own unique gifts, strengths and style.

It's truly THE CHOICE

that shifts you into YOUR DREAM.

As you allow your GENIUS to flow THROUGH YOU ….
the stream of PROSPERITY that is yours to claim
will start to flow TO YOU.

You are about to see your GENIUS - and your potential -
in a new way, and your life will be FOREVER CHANGED
for the better.

get started now

IT'S TRUE! Taking action now
(while others don't) means YOU
will be reaping the rewards
that others may only continue to dream of!

When you sign up for
Fastest Path to Prosper NOW

(before we close enrollment),
you receive:

And of course, you enjoy the rich resources, recordings, inspiration & interaction in our instantly accessible:
* 24/7 GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Private Online Community
($697 value)
AND in your
* 24/7 GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Member Discovery Center
($497 value)
to propel you forward!

PLUS New 24-Hour Bonus ($497 Value) >>>

Instant Access to
GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper
is just one click away!

I'd love to show you not only how you can experience the life-changing difference this makes - right now ... But also how you can live from your GENIUS every day, and enjoy the flow of PROSPERITY that brings, today and every day, from this day forward.



P. S. - You can search all you want (and, you have been).
But the truth is, you simply won't find a more complete, step-by-step PATH to PROSPER
from sharing the GENIUS
already within you.

Based on a proven, powerful and PROFITABLE SUCCESS SYSTEM
that has guided literally hundreds of other fellow visionaries -
a proven system you can trust, in any and every moment -
to generate gold from your GREATEST ASSET -
your OWN GENIUS.  

Why would you wait one moment longer to step into YOUR DREAM?

GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper reveals exactly how
to TURN YOUR GIFTS INTO GOLD - over and over again ...
from success to success.


Reserve your space now! (Seats are filling NOW.)


P. P. S. - You know you've got the GIFTS.
You know those you serve need YOUR GREAT WORK.

How many more days can you keep your greatest contribution to yourself -
while missing out on the riches that are yours to claim,
when you SHARE those gifts?

GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper
brings your GREAT WORK into the LIGHT,
so those who are waiting for your GENIUS
can see it - and recognize it.



You're just one click away from claiming your GENIUS, and changing your life -
get started now!

GENESIS OF GENIUS Course Q & A Section

Julie Ann … what if I'm traveling? Or can't make all the sessions? +

Julie Ann … what if I'm traveling? Or can't make all the sessions?

We recognize that we have a growing following of global visionaries, all across the world -
that's so much of the special value this ConsciousSHIFT Community brings to everyone.

First, we wanted to make the timing of our live Sessions available to as many of our global followers as possible - so we set the Sessions at midday U.S. time, which will be evening for our European participants.

You can access our powerful live webinar content sessions and lab sessions anywhere there’s an internet connection.  A hotel. The airport. Even Starbucks! (Yep, I’ve done that!). Can’t get online? Just call-in on our special number to participate in every live session.

(You'll receive a personalized invitation to our Private Online Meeting space for our live Sessions, so you may join each Session - viewing on-screen on your computer or tablet, and listening via audio through your phone OR through a USB headset, which works with our online meeting system very much like Skype. Full information will be provided once you're  enrolled - and as our first class approaches.)

But truly - this training is designed to be just as valuable to you at ANY time -
as it is whether you attend the initial live sessions ...

... or experience the training via our video (or audio) recordings - all available 24/7, in your GENESIS-TO-PROFIT Member Discovery Center.

(In fact, many prefer the recorded Sessions - as they can pause, take notes - listen and absorb at their leisure - and at the time most convenient to them.)

All our live sessions are recorded - in both video AND audio.

So if you can’t make any of the training live, not only can you catch the recording ...
you can listen again and again - whenever, and wherever, you are!

PLUS - you will be invited to submit your questions in advance - so I can answer them for you (whether you attend live or later), and you'll be able to hear the answers on the recordings, any time you wish.

Julie Ann ... when do I get access to the Course - and all my Bonuses (goodies)? +

Julie Ann ... when do I get access to the Course - and all my Bonuses (goodies)?

First of all, the instant you are enrolled, you will receive a Welcome Email with a FULL SCHEDULE - and full details on all aspects of the Course ... this will answer MANY questions you may have, right away.

Second, we're very excited about our GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Online Discovery Center,
where you will be able to access all your goodies, session
recordings and Bonuses - when the course begins.

Keep your eye out for your access email as we get closer to the start date!

(IMPORTANT: An incredible amount of hard work went into producing GENESIS OF GENIUS: Fastest Path to Prosper, so please do not distribute this access information
to friends or colleagues).

NOTE: Your Course Bonuses will be made available to you after the Course begins -
and you will receive access in the Discovery Center as each Bonus is relevant
to the Class/Module in the Course
(so you will not receive all your Bonuses at one time - but over the course of the Course).

Please be sure to check the Discovery Center for updates to your Bonuses - and trust that
you will receive each of them in perfect timing.

But Julie Ann … it's Summer (aka August) - or it's moving into Fall ! +

But Julie Ann … it's Summer (aka August) - or it's moving into Fall !

Yep, it sure is. But consider this:
This summer is already fading.

The real questions are:
Will this fall be everything you want it to be?
Will this YEAR - and next year - find you LIVING YOUR GENIUS?

Or will money hold you back from claiming the DREAM you REALLY know you desire?

Knowing how to PROSPER from your GENIUS can make
every season GOLDEN from here on in. Travel, relaxation, adventure …
you name it! And NOW - money won't hold you back from living your dream.

But even more important:
NOW is the time to align your GENIUS and offers so you are flourishing THIS Fall
and celebrating contribution AND prosperity this Holiday Season.

So when the final days of THIS YEAR roll around,
you’ll be able to say, as you promised yourself you would:

Julie Ann, why is THIS the BEST TIME to invest in myself - and this Course? +

Julie Ann, why is THIS the BEST TIME to invest in myself - and this Course?

Sure … you could wait.

But two IMPORTANT considerations on that.

First, this is the first time I'm offering this course - and so, as I promised
(as a big THANK YOU for all who provided input to the survey to help craft this Course) -
this first time I'm offering a full 50 PERCENT DISCOUNT -
off the eventual price of this Course (which will be $997
once we close our enrollment this time - and that could happen any moment).

So, truly - there WILL NEVER BE A BETTER TIME to invest in YOURSELF -
and in this Course.

Second, the most effective investment you can make, if money is currently an issue for you, is to invest in something designed to BOOST YOUR MONEY-MAKING POWER in return.

Because in no time at all you could be putting big money BACK in your pocket.

Consider: Just one added high-level client (ONE!) gives you an over-the-top, many-times-over, from-here-on-out return on your investment.

Upping your rates by just 2 times (or 10 times, as others using my system have)
can add thousands to tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) to your bottom line
STARTING THIS YEAR - and much more over the life of your business.

When you apply what you learn, your transformation through this Course will continue
to pay you back, literally for the rest of your life.

And when is the BEST TIME to start boosting your income?

Easy answer.


Julie Ann ... will I get all the guidance I need to benefit? +

Julie Ann ... will I get all the guidance I need to benefit?

You will not only receive ALL the resources and tools, provided for you - step by step -
to shortcut AND CUSTOMIZE your path to success, you'll receive my guidance -
in both live content sessions and LIVE Genius-to-Profit Mentoring Labs -
just as I offer it to my private 1-on-1 clients.

We'll be holding live "Hot Seats" in our two (2) Genius-to-Profit Mentoring Labs,
for which everyone will be invited to apply - and you'll also benefit just as much,
if not MORE, from seeing what struggles others are facing, and how I guide them to success.

In addition, you'll be able to submit your questions any time in our GENIUS-TO-PROFIT
Member Discovery Center - and you'll also be able to submit your questions IN ADVANCE
of each Session, so you'll be sure to receive answers (even if, for any reason, you're not able to join us for every minute of the training live - it will ALL be captured in the RECORDINGS of  each and every Session, and made available online and downloadable for you, within 48 hours of each live Session).

Plus, you'll have 24/7 instant access to our GENESIS OF GENIUS Private Online Community (Private Facebook Group) - where you'll interact with, encourage and exchange ideas and feedback with your fellow Visionaries across the globe ... AND in our GENIUS-TO-PROFIT Member Discovery Center, where all your recordings (video AND audio), bonuses, books, checklists and more will be instantly available to you, to propel you forward!

In fact, if you've ever wanted to work with me - and I know so many of you have desired to do so, THIS is the training I've created to make that possible, accessible and affordable for you to do so!

And, this Course has been carefully crafted WITH YOUR INPUT - from the "Profit from Your Signature Genius" advance survey - to which so many of you contributed, and which helped shape this Course to deliver exactly what you said you most need and desire.

Finally, while GENESIS OF GENIUS Fastest Path to Prosper is designed to deliver
a transformational group experience and powerful individualized results,
as you follow the guidance I'll be sharing, step by step  ...

... it's true, a few of you already have asked about the possibility of complementing this group experience with 1-on-1 time for me to mentor you personally (and some of you
who have worked with me before know that this can enhance your clarity and enable us
to go deeper on specific ideas or issues for you - and you may prefer to share some things outside the group setting.  I understand that).

I've given this request careful, and caring, consideration - and, while I am confident you will receive ALL the guidance, tools and mentoring in the group setting to make the powerful transformation I've promised here WITHIN this Course ...

For those who wish to benefit from 1-on-1 mentoring personally with me, as well -
AGAIN, TOTALLY OPTIONAL (and NOT necessary to receive the benefits from the Course) - I will be making 1-on-1 Mentoring Sessions available for GENESIS OF GENIUS Course members only, by request, at more than a 50% off my average hourly rate (though actually, I do not offer 1-on-1 mentoring separately, or by the hour, outside of my high-level programs - as my 1-on-1 mentoring is reserved for my POWER ARC Fast-Track Transformation and World Circle Mastermind private, high-level clients) ...

... and I will be sharing the details of this OPTION after the Course begins,
for those who may be interested for those who wish to supplement their Course
(again, totally optional - not necessary to receive the benefits promised for the Course itself)
and this special option will be available to you throughout the timeframe of the Course.

If at any time you are interested in supplementing your Course experience with 1-on-1 private guidance from me, simply email Kaitlyn (at) ConsciousSHIFT.Me -
and we'll be in touch to coordinate with you.

Julie Ann ... what results can I expect from this Course? +

Julie Ann ... what results can I expect from this Course?

You will not only receive ALL the resources and tools, provided for you - step by step -
to shortcut AND CUSTOMIZE your path to success, you'll receive my guidance -
in both live content sessions and LIVE Genius-to-Profit Mentoring Labs -
just as I offer it to my private 1-on-1 clients.[See the previous Question on "GUIDANCE" for more details on Course components, delivery and experience.]

While I cannot promise specific results for you - I can share that many, many of your fellow visionaries who have worked with me and applied the system and guidance I will be sharing in this Course - have successfully written and published books; created high-level coaching packages/programs/series; crafted and shared their signature message in speeches, webinars, podcasts, and more; launched signature events and shows and transformational experiences ...

This may give you some idea of the potentials that open up to you, when you claim your SIGNATURE GENIUS.

However, as stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential.

The results I share are exceptional and can be verified; however, they are not intended to represent a guarantee of every participant's results. Each participant's success depends on gifts, talents, education, dedication, and desire.  And on application of the guidance, tools and techniques shared in the program itself.

This is not a get-rich-quick program. Success in business requires hard work, adding value and serving other people. Even then, there is no guarantee of your success.  The information we provide is intended to provide ideas and tactics that may allow you to get more customers, and to make a difference in the world, while you grow your business.

As our testimonials illustrate, many across the globe have benefited greatly from the guidance that will be shared in this Course.  That is certainly our highest intention - as we believe it is yours, as well.

Required Legal Notice:
Once again, however, as stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Nothing on this page or any of our websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice. Any financial numbers mentioned here, or on any of our sites, are estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings - all numbers are illustrative only.


Julie Ann ... what if I have other questions? +

Julie Ann ... what if I have other questions?

First of all, I encourage you to read the entire Course page here, as well as this Q & A section - as you'll find most of your questions will be answered.

Also, the instant you are enrolled, you will receive a Welcome Email with a FULL SCHEDULE - and full details on all aspects of the Course ... this will answer MANY questions you may have, right away.

Finally, if you have other questions - simply contact us through the Course Support Email Address - support (at)

We always want the highest and best for you.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us - we're here to serve and support you.

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We always want the highest and best for you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at Support (at)


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