Day 9 - The Power (& Passion) of Vision


9 The Power (& Passion) of Vision

Follow your heart.
Any other path
leads to someone else’s dream.

~ Lyn Christian
, CEO, Soul Salt Inc.

first VISION step
of your
that sets
the scope
of possibility,
sets the
to your
chosen dream,
and sets in place
the power
of the Creative Field.

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Creating and committing to a VISION
is no less than a quantum choice,
as author Gay Hendricks might say,
you establish “a sacred covenant
with the universe”:

You designate a FUTURE
that does not yet exist

and create an IMAGE
of yourself there. 

~ Gay Hendricks

In our next 2 DAYS, we will share tangible,
visual examples of two Visionaries
who will be familiar to you,
to see exactly how their PASSION
and COMMITMENT to their VISION -
and actively envisioning themselves
"living out" this VISION - not only
accelerated their success, but also
how this POWER ARC Where, Now, How™
Sequence enabled them to create
success after success, on their own terms.

Visionaries step out into uncharted space.   

Remember, the most visionary and profound leaders of all time –
from Jesus of Nazareth to Mahatma Gandhi to Martin Luther King Jr. –
assumed their leadership power to make a difference
(their creative power to choose to create something other than what
already existed), not by virtue of public office or a job title bestowed
on them by others, but by stepping into their inherent creative power,
venturing into new creative space, moving into alignment with high Purpose.

As each of us, as Visionaries, actively begin to envision
and move into a higher
future we have imagined,
we also may transform our selves and our world.  

And THAT is why you are here.

The key is to assume our inherent creative power –
not to expect or wait for someone else to give us permission or give us a title –
but to step out into new leadership space – to be the leaders of our lives,
our work and our world – through conscious use of the Creative Process,
captured in  POWER ARC's Where, Now, How System.

Nobody told Arnold Schwarzenegger that he could become
the biggest box-office star
in Hollywood; he did not ask nor expect
permission.  He chose to envision and create his life first; titles came later.

Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license.   
~ Motto of Richard Tait, CEO, Cranium

WRIGHT-SMALLAs many historians
have pointed out,
had the Wright

at what was
believed to be
in their time
their “flying machine” never would have - either literally and figuratively -
gotten off the ground. Managers of a bicycle shop, these visionary brothers
ventured into the leadership realm – and into higher space -
with an astonishing Vision of the impossible:
“heavier-than-air” flight.

Leaders do not wait for official appointments or formal titles (although many often gain these along the way) to begin changing the world.  They start where they are, with what they have now.

And that's why you're here, right?
When we began this VISION Journey - 9 Days ago,
you said you wanted to have not only a Breakthrough Year,

And you said that you wanted
to make a difference in the world.

Like all Visionaries, Orville Wright was charting new space –
no formal authority, licensing agency or set of qualifications even existed
for this new realm, except his and his brother’s belief
in their own creative power.

It is the stories of these Visionaries, explorers, overcomers – leaders –
the amazing
achievements of those who, without money, education,
social class or physical ability –
that inspire us.  Those like Helen Keller,
Christopher Reeve, and Stephen Hawking – or wheelchair basketball stars,
quadriplegic painters, and so many more  – teach us that our true limitations
lie not in our circumstances, or even in our
physical bodies – but only in our minds.

True power lies in our capacity to create something different
from that which already exists.  Visionaries are creators
who assume that power - to choose among infinite possibilities,
to step into uncharted space, to consciously shape the future.

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.
~ Sir Winston Churchill, British statesman/former Prime Minister

DAY 9: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Best Next Steps

> By now, Fellow Visionary - if you've followed each step
along the way each day - you've crafted clear, compelling
VISION(s) for what you MOST desire to create
in your life, work and world.

* You started simply envisioning what you most desire (DAY 2) ...
(It felt great to shift into this new space - and you felt it!)

* You've expanded on and fine-tuned your VISION(s) each day ...

> By examining your BELIEFS about Abundance (DAY 3) ...

> By expanding your WORLDVIEW (DAY 4) ...

> By recognizing why VISION COMES FIRST (DAY 5) ...

> By exploring where you may be in the LOOP,
instead of the LEAP (DAY 6) ...

> By clarifying exact what END - Outcomes and Results -
you desired for EACH Vision (DAY 7) ...

> By asking the GUIDING VISION QUESTIONS (DAY 8) ...

> NOW, YOU ARE READY to bring your expanded VISION(s)
    into clear focus and flow - and discover your first priorities -

* Yes, it's OK if the VISION(s) you've captured thus far are not yet
written in perfectly worded sentences - in fact, what you've captured
thus far probably looks a bit messy, may even seem scattered, and
you may even feel a bit overwhelmed by all the VISION insights
that have flowed out of you.

TERRIFIC! That means you truly expanded your view of what
is possible for you - and that the VISION(s) you've now created
truly represent your LEAP into your TRUE GREATNESS!
In order to expand our view, we've got to venture into uncharted
territory for you - into WHAT CAN BE - and that means no map
yet exists, since this is YOUR authentic, one-of-a-kind Journey -
and so what we're doing right now, together, IS CRAFTING
YOUR MAP TO TRUE GREATNESS - visually, step by step -
and mapping new territory can look a bit messy at first.

However, very likely for the first time in your life, you're truly
capturing YOUR OWN TRUE PATH - your authentic VISION -
in full alignment with your unique gifts, values and greatness.

And now we may begin to "bring all your butterflies
of brilliance into formation" - to make your AUTHENTIC
VISION real, and to craft the step-by-step visual map
on your own terms, expressing your own unique style,
making the income and impact you desire and deserve.

> Your very first BEST NEXT STEP is to review the VISION(s)
you've crafted thus far (whether with sticky notes, as we
suggested on DAY 3, or in a notebook, as a mindmap,
or on your computer) - and see how you FEEL about them.

* That's right - I want you to first review your VISION(s),
not first from your "HEAD" (your thinking), but from
your HEART (your inner knowing) ...

* And notice which VISION(s):
   inspire you the most, energize you most,
excite you instantly.
(You may wish to write
or put a sticky note or colored dot with a number -
1, 2, 3, etc. - by each VISION, in the order that
most inspires you.

*    That's it for today (more tomorrow)! For now, take a moment -
and just REVEL and CELEBRATE
in the energy, passion
and inspiration that is now flowing for you

      and through you around your AUTHENTIC VISION(s) -
      at an entirely NEW LEVEL OF POSSIBILITY.

Stay tuned for more in the next three (3) days
for your opportunity to experience
this power every day - 365 Days of Genius -
throughout this year, and in every
day of your life from here forward.

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as my Birthday gift to YOU for participating
in this 12 DAYS OF VISION! -
so we may review and celebrate the Vision
you're creating here ... so you may discover
and profit from sharing your Signature Genius
to impact the world and receive the income
you deserve and desire.

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See you tomorrow, Fellow Visionary!

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