Day 8 - Guiding Vision Questions


8 Guiding Vision Questions

You must first BE who you really are,
then DO what you need to do,
in order to HAVE what you want.  
~ Shakti Gawain, Creative Visualization

would it make

if you knew without a doubt
that you were aligned
with - and LIVING OUT -
your highest, best VISION
of your life and work every day ...

... crystal clear
about your own SIGNATURE GENIUS,
fulfilled and profiting from
sharing it to impact the world
and to receive the income you deserve
and desire from inspiring your
ideal tribe of loyal clients and community?

Would it change your ability to thrive?

Would it fill your heart with joy
and your life with aligned accomplishment?

Would you be living out
what you were born to do?


That is the power of a compelling VISION,
clearly crafted as a unique expression
of your own Signature Genius.

That is what you've been crafting
over the last 7 days - and what we'll
crystallize further starting today.

Stay tuned for more in the next few days
for your opportunity to experience
this power every day - 365 Days of Genius -
throughout this year, and in every
day of your life from here forward.

For today, I'm sharing the essential
Guiding Vision Questions -
the powerful keys you may use
to navigate your Epic Journey -
as you follow the POWER ARC of Creation -
Where, Now, How.

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These powerful questions will guide
your navigational journey, every step
of The Way.

As you've discovered in taking your
INSPIRED ACTIONS each day in this
your Signature Genius, your Highest VISION,
and your POWER to create your best life and work,
already are within you.

You already have everything you need
to start this Journey.

This is the message of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers
in the Land of Oz:
You have had the creative power
to travel this path
from the very beginning.

You now know you are free
to start from wherever you are.

Circumstances (even those previously known as “problems”)
are merely sets of Information.  They cannot hurt you;
indeed, you will use them to guide you.

You don’t have to know it all to begin.

In fact, as you've discovered here,
it is in the realm of Uncertainty
that you possess the greatest creative power,
as all possibilities are open to you.

And now you have your own clear,
customized, compelling VISION -
the Questions here -
and the POWER ARC Where, Now, How™ Sequence
to guide you forward.

This navigational system will guide you
to whatever you need to be, know, obtain, or do
to traverse the path to your destination.

You are rediscovering your Creative Freedom:
you are not dependent on current abilities,
current resources, or even what you may
currently believe is possible at the current moment.

Released from perceived limits, you need not match
your choices to what you already know exists.

You are free in every instant to make what we call

No “next best” steps for you – no watered-down
compromises for your life – but each step
a conscious choice you know will move you
toward your dream.

DAY 8: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Guiding Vision Questions >

Ask these Guiding Vision Questions about EACH
of your VISIONs - which you've been crafting, carrying forward,
and clarifying - step by step - since DAY 2 of our 12 DAYS OF VISION.

* WHERE am I going?  

* WHERE - and WHO - do I most want to be?

* WHAT do I most desire to create?

* WHAT does success look like (sound like, feel like, etc.) for me ?

> Add the insights these Guiding Vision Questions bring
   for each of the VISION(s) you've been capturing
in DAYS 1-7, so far.

Tomorrow, we'll discover how you may more consciously
shift your VISION(s), to accelerate your success
(and we'll talk more about clarifying and prioritizing your VISION(s),
and about your BEST NEXT STEPS, as well).

So, stay tuned - and share your comments below on how YOUR VISIONs
are unfolding for you - and how energizing and inspiring that feels!

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See you tomorrow, Fellow Visionary!

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