Day 7 - Begin With The End


7 Begin With The End

JAT PHOTO BOXDid you notice?

You've just crossed a threshold
of a higher level in your life.

to Expand Your Worldview (DAY 5),
that Vision Comes First (DAY 6) ...

... you have just consciously shifted
into an entirely new realm
of possibility - and this creative choice
will forever alter your life and work
for the better.

On this day, we will bring your initial
VISIONS forward (from DAY 2 & DAY 3),
and begin to craft them into clear, compelling
beacons for your life and work this year.

And, at such a powerful time of NEW BEGINNING,
it may seem odd or counterintuitive, to say:
Begin with the End.

Yet, as you've discovered (DAY 4),
it is EXACTLY this sequence,
this “order of thought” –
we so often fail to absorb
fully into our consciousness:

We must first decide WHERE we are going
before we decide HOW to get there.

It seems simple - but it is astounding
how often we set forth, before we are clear about
exactly where we we want to BE.

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It is not because it is difficult
that you have not dared,

it is because you have not dared
that it is difficult.  

~ Seneca, Roman philosopher and statesman

In our rush to find fast fixes, it is the immediate question “HOW?”
that arrests our creative thinking, collapsing the wave of Possibility
before Imagination is ever even allowed generate Potentials.

Choosing at the level of NOW or HOW (WHAT IS) first –
instantly confines us to a limited realm.

In new, uncharted space, the FIRST QUESTION
is most decidedly not “What should we do? (NOW-HOW)” -  
or the all-too-common, fear-based exclamation:
“But, I don’t know what to do!”  

After all, how useful is progress,
if we are not moving in the right direction?   

And how may we expect to arrive where we most wish to be,
if we do not first create a clear VISION
of what that our DREAM destination looks like?

So, what is your Navigational System - your “Thought Sequence” for Life?  
What “stars” are you navigating by?  By current circumstances?
By what you already know?

People are always blaming their circumstances
for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in this world
are the people who get up and look for
the circumstances that they want,
and if they can’t find them, make them.
~ George Bernard Shaw, English author and playwright

Your FIRST QUESTION – your initial, instinctual thought -
must become “WHERE am I going?”
(more specifics on this in the INSPIRED ACTION below,
and in your DAY 8 Insight tomorrow).

FIRST, determine where you want to go.  

As author Gay Hendricks writes:
“By making this agreement
you have joined forces with the creative power
in the universe, THE SAME POWER that makes
oak trees where no trees were there before.”  

WHOA ... how powerful is THAT?!

With this FIRST STEP, you embark on the voyage
to your true potential.  

Indeed, your “WHERE” represents your potential
at every level.  

DAY 7: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Begin With The End >

1)  Today, revisit the initial VISIONs you captured from DAY 2 & DAY 3 ...

2) For each VISION, envision with as much detail
as possible what exactly is
the actual END -
the outcome, the results, the transformation -
you have in mind.

You may express this in terms of
* time (saved, time off, etc.),
* money,
* number of clients (events, speeches, etc.)
* resources,
* energy,
* emotion,
* freedom,
* or some other experience or quality you value highly,
   and wish to see as a tangible result.

3) Capture these additional aspects about your VISION,
and bring them to your DAY 8 Insight in tomorrow's
12 DAYS OF VISION - where we'll crystallize further
what you truly desire.

Tomorrow, I'll share specific questions to guide you to further clarify
YOUR VISIONs, so you may more consciously create
what you most desire, at every level of your work and life.

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