Day 4 - Expand Your WorldView


4 Expand Your WorldView

JAT PHOTO BOXImagine your life shifting
from this year into the next year ...
from your current "Arc of Creation"
into the next.

Do you envision lack or scarcity?
Or do you envision abundance
and expanding potential?

Your BELIEFS (and your Vision)
frame your WorldView -
and your Worldview determines
what you see, what you act on,
what you experience.

Your Lens of Belief -
your WorldView -
your World.

So, do you see your world as limited,
or unlimited?  

If you see your world as limited,
that is because your Lens of BELIEF -
your paradigm, your WorldView -
literally shields you from seeing
the unlimited abundance all around you.

To illustrate this, in GENESIS OF GENIUS,
I share the analogy of how Galileo and his telescope
opened up an entirely new WorldView -
to a world that already existed
(indeed, had always existed) -
yet we had not yet had the lens or WorldView
to see it until that moment.

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The truth is, throughout time, creative visionaries
have led us to change our WorldView
by enabling us to see more, not less.

Early Greek scholars and philosophers such as Pythagoras and Aristotle
were among the first to recognize the world as round, not flat, a revelation
that opened to us entirely new territory – exposing humanity not only
to new systems of commerce, but also to new exchanges of ideas,
beliefs and systems of thought –
NOT because the world had changed,
but because these thinkers helped us see it differently.

In the same way, Copernicus saw the earth not as the center of the Universe, as his predecessors had, but as part of a much larger system revolving around the Sun.

This mind-altering discovery – so controversial that, even 200 years after it was first published, the Catholic Church banned Copernicus’ book De Revolutionibus - would cause humanity literally to rethink its place within the universe.

The Universe had not changed,
but Copernicus helped us see it differently - as more,
not less.  Again, the potential to see more existed all along;
only our perspective
had been limited.

Throughout history, humanity has faced pivotal moments like this.

Significantly, at these times, we do not even recognize
our sight has been limited.

We accept widely held beliefs, and often never even look
beyond our current view.

As each of these revelations occurred – and often for decades after -
most continued to view the world through their existing frames of mind.

All great works began as blasphemies.
~ George Bernard Shaw, playwright and critic

DAY 4 TELESCOPETwo hundred years
after Copernicus,
Galileo crafted a telescope

a new technology that opened
up expanses of the heavens
never before seen –
and published
his many discoveries,
which confirmed Copernicus’ theory of a Sun-centered universe
(still, during his lifetime, Galileo was forced to renounce these very beliefs).  As we’ve said, in general, “seeing is believing” (and not everyone had a telescope).

Most often, these revelations become accepted after some technology renders them more comprehensible, making the new “reality” accessible in terms we can more easily understand.

Moreover, we often fear change, just as we may fear the unknown – whether it be a fear of sailed off the edge of the world, or of altering our deeply held beliefs.

Yet, it is our belief systems – our paradigms – that often limit our exploration,
and, consequently, our discovery of whole new realms of possibility.

It is the Mind – or more precisely, the IMAGINATION –
that carries us beyond WHAT IS
(beyond the Information, or even Knowledge,
that “we already know”)

to the Creative Realm of WHAT CAN BE.

Here's the essential key:
At any moment, the Field of Creation unfolding before you
is unlimited - it is a Field of Pure Potential ...
if you choose to see it that way ...
AND, it is a Field of Uncertainty -
if you choose to see it that way.

It is the SAME FIELD.
Your Lens of Belief - your WorldView -
determines which you see,
and which you experience.


(And, in GENESIS OF GENIUS, p. 288 (267-290) & 388,
you will discover that it is actually the realm of "uncertainty"
that opens up the greatest potential for you to create
the life, work and world you most desire.)

So, if consciously shifting your WorldView
can help you experience MORE, and NOT LESS -
the abundance and potential that is already
available to you, when you make that shift
to open to that possibility - to BELIEVE IT ...

What would WISH to believe
about yourself?
About your future?

In our first 3 DAYS of 12 DAYS OF VISION,
all thought leaders and visionaries throughout time
have made, to shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary,
to inspire the world, and to receive the income they
desire and deserve.



* From the LIMITED to the UNLIMITED (DAY 2)


It is ESSENTIAL to expand your WorldView,
so that the VISION you are creating for 2014 and beyond
shifts you into your highest potential.

DAY 4: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Expand Your WorldView >

Determine - consciously CHOOSE -
which world you wish to live out of

for the next year ... and COMMIT today to begin practicing
wherever you're tempted to see lack or scarcity, doubt or uncertainty -
consciously CHOOSE to see the potential. the blessing, the abundance ...
whenever you find yourself limiting your view to WHAT IS only,
begin to consciously envision
WHAT CAN BE for you
in that situation, in that moment.

will position you ideally to take the next steps
in creating your VISION for 2014 and beyond,
as I guide you through the next days
of your 12 DAYS OF VISION Journey.

Remember, the lenses through which we view the world –
our beliefs, our thought systems,
our WorldViews (mindsets and paradigms),
our fears, as well as “what we already know”
or “the way we’ve always done it” – are powerful.

These life lenses literally frame – and can limit – reality
for each one of us, determining what we see and what we don’t see.

Unless we are conscious of our lenses,
we may miss crucial information and opportunities.

And unless we know how to consciously create
(this is the TRUTH - and Master Creative System -
I share in GENESIS OF GENIUS ... and am
introducing to you in these 12 DAYS OF VISION),
our lenses will limit us.

We can shape the future, or simply react to the present. 

It is our choice, in every moment.

And remember, I can show you these ESSENTIAL MINDSHIFTS,
but you've got to make them for yourself -
to fully honor your GIFTS and GENIUS,
and to experience the life you truly wish to create.

As Galileo himself said:
You cannot teach people anything.  
You can only help them discover it
within themselves.
    ~ Galileo, Visionary & Italian Astronomer

Tomorrow, I'll share the profound - but simple and practical -
3-Step POWER ARC System, through which you may consciously
creat what you most desire, at every level of your work and life.

So, stay tuned - and share on!

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