DAY 11 - Shift Your Vision Arc


11 Shift Your Vision Arc

JAT PHOTO BOXHow powerful is crafting 
a clear, compelling VISION -
and the conscious use
of the master thinking sequence

of revealed here in
POWER ARC Where, Now, How™?

Well, yesterday, we shared
how Arnold Schwarzeneggers’s Arc -
how his life trajectory and achievements
demonstrate the power
of this master thinking sequence
all Visionaries and thought leaders
use to create success
after success

Today, we'll show you exactly
how Arnold's - and Oprah's - VISION and POWER ARC
expand into an EVER-RISING SPIRAL
of success.

That happens through what we call "Shifting the Arc" -
where you envision how each of your VISION Arcs
expands into an ever-rising SPIRAL.

We'll see this best through visual
stories - showing how these
two Visionaries
did exactly that.

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Regardless of what anyone may think
about Arnold Schwarzenegger – his movies, his politics,
his lifestyle (we talked about his mistakes
and choices yesterday) – the fact remains that Arnold has walked
a life path largely of his own conscious creation.

ARNOLDBESTAlong the way to many
remarkable achievements,
he also has made many mistakes -
facing valid criticism,
and overcoming challenges
and failures.
He is far from perfect.

Like all who follow the hero’s path,
he faces obstacles.   

Though Arnold often seems larger-than-life, he is,
like the rest of us, human.  

This is, in fact, is one of many reasons why Arnold
is an excellent model for demonstrating the profound power –
and the simple steps – of the POWER ARC Where, Now, How.  

Most of all, Arnold Schwarzenegger continues
to re-create himself, and therefore shows us
how the navigational nature of the POWER ARC System
enables anyone who uses it to move consistently and successfully,
even through change and chaos, to reach their dreams.

OPRAHWhen she was
four years old,
Oprah Winfrey
recalls standing
on the screened-in
back porch,
her grandmother
wash clothes
in a big iron pot, and thinking:

‘My life won't be like this. My life won't be like this,
it will be better.’
And it wasn't from a place of arrogance;
it was just a place of knowing that things
could be different
for me somehow. I don't know what made me think that.
~ Oprah Winfrey  

Born to unmarried parents, and raised by her grandmother
on a farm with no indoor plumbing in Koscuisko, Miss.,
Oprah (who was named after “Orpah” from the Bible,
yet her birth certificate was the only place her name
was correctly spelled) began her creative ARC with
a VISION far beyond – and much higher than – the view
from that back porch in Mississippi.

Yet, from the start, Oprah says:

All my life I have always known
I was destined for greatness.

It was Oprah’s clear VISION and strong belief that enabled her
to overcome such humble beginnings and enormous life challenges,
and to navigate unceasingly toward her dreams.

Hers was certainly a journey of faith, where she believed
in her “unseen” but envisioned goals, regardless of the
very visible, “seen” circumstances around her,
until she rose above them and realized her VISION.   

This ability to consistently “hold the high VISION”
is a core quality of Visionaries.  

Certainly, it was necessary for Oprah Winfrey
to hold a clear, compelling VISION in order
to consciously create her life, as she overcame
obstacles that have caused many to give up on their dreams.

In this 12 DAYS OF VISION, I've revealed to you
the 3 Core Stages of the POWER ARC SUCCESS SYSTEM –
Where, Now, Now - in simple, unfolding steps –
using the master forms of the ARC and the SPIRAL
to guide you ...
(And much more is shared in the Full-Color
GENESIS OF GENIUS Book Series + Bonus Package.)

As you see expressed so vividly
throughout Arnold’s and Oprah's stories,
living a consciously creative life requires not only
an understanding of what these stages are,
but also how to use this creative system to navigate,
in real time, through an ever-changing FIELD OF CREATION,
and on to your highest dreams.

Both Arnold and Oprah mastered the conscious,
intentional use of the master Creative Sequence
shared in POWER ARC to create every Arc in their life story.  

As revealed in their stories, Arnold
used the “same process” to create his career as a movie star
that he used to create his success as a bodybuilder ...

... and Oprah did the same to break out of a very challenging childhood
to become a billionaire and one of the most respected Visionaries of our time.

As it turns out, both Arnold's and Oprah's stories enable us
to begin sharing simple secrets of POWER ARC -
the master Creative Guidance System,
each hidden behind the “Story Arcs”
that comprise their life’s SPIRAL journey to the top. 

Their VISION ARCs provide a perfect model
for us to demonstrate the power of the ARC and the SPIRAL
as the master creative tools of the POWER ARC SYSTEM,
which you, too, may use to create the life you desire.

So you can BE fully who you’re meant to BE.
That’s really what this is all about.

That’s what it means to create success on your own terms -
and it all starts with crafting your Highest VISION.

Shift Your Vision Arc

* For today, simply b
egin envisioning what the ARCS
in your LIFE SPIRAL would be ...

* Tomorrow, we'll show you how to craft YOUR OWN
Visionary Spiral - just as Arnold and Oprah did -
to create ever higher
and higher levels of success!


Stay tuned, because tomorrow, the final day
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and profit from sharing your Signature Genius
to impact the world and receive the income
you deserve and desire.

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See you tomorrow, Fellow Visionary!

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