DAY 10 - Charting Your Course


10 Shift Your Vision Arc

JAT PHOTO BOXToday we begin to bring it ALL together -
crystallizing your VISION -
from the guided exploration, expansion
and creation you've completed
over the first 9 DAYS
of this 12 DAYS OF VISION.

(See step-by-step INSPIRED ACTION below.)

And - more than that - you will see
how this POWER ARC sequence enables
you to consciously create - and accelerate
your success - beyond the level
you may even have imagined before.

That happens through
what we call "Shifting the Arc" -
where you envision
how each of your VISION Arcs
expands into an ever-rising SPIRAL.

We'll see this best through visual
stories - showing how two other Visionaries
you may recognize did exactly that.
(One we'll share today, and one tomorrow!)

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Pretty powerful stuff, right?


Just as we witnessed other Visionaries doing
in yesterday's DAY 9 Insight, the key to legendary
success begins with a vivid, energizing VISION:

You designate a FUTURE
that does not yet exist

and create an IMAGE
of yourself there. 

~ Gay Hendricks

This is the SAME SHIFT Arnold shares
in your Gift Page (above):

What you do is create a vision
of who you want to be,
and then live into that picture,
as if it were already true.
~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Here (today and tomorrow),
we're sharing tangible,

visual examples of two Visionaries
actively envisioning themselves
"living out" their VISION - and how this not only
accelerated their success, but also
how this POWER ARC Where, Now, How™
Sequence enabled them to create
success after success, on their own terms.

As Visionaries, we actively begin to envision
and move into a higher
future we have imagined,
we also may transform our selves and our world.  

THAT is why you are here.

ARNOLDBESTNotice this:
Arnold Schwarzenegger's
VISION turned
what many considered

his limitations into assets -
he was a muscle-bound hulk,
a bodybuilder ...
he spoke limited English ...
with a thick Austrian accent
(why so many laughed
and were sure he would fail in movies).

And the same can be true for you - what you may consider your limitations,
the mistakes you've made and challenges you've overcome - actually become powerful assets, when viewed through the lens of your Higher VISION, as we teach in POWER ARC.

And, no matter what you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger (admittedly,
almost all of us are disappointed in his latest life choices and mistakes),
you have to agree what he's achieved - as the top bodybuilder in the world,
then the top motion picture hero in the world, then as governor of California,
the largest state in the U.S. - are all amazing accomplishments ...

And, most important, in keeping with the truth of POWER ARC,
I believe he has the chance to reconnect with his Values and his VISION
and RECREATE himself yet again …

For that is always our choice, and our potential.

No matter what’s gone before –
the truth is that stepping into your GREATNESS

is an INVITATION to move through & heal
whatever has been holding you back.

Each time you shift – you break through ... and that’s also what we do –
as fellow Visionaries - we’re here to guide you through those times of shift.
(This is a powerful part of the POWER ARC Experience.)

So you can BE fully who you’re meant to BE.
That’s really what this is all about.

That’s what it means to create success on your own terms -
and it all starts with crafting your Highest VISION.

DAY 10: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Crystallize your VISION

* Simply bring together all your notes (on paper
or on sticky notes, whichever you used)
from where you've been crafting and expanding your VISION each day
of this series.

* Get a fresh sheet of paper (flip chart paper,
if you'd simply like to reorganize your sticky notes -
or you may do this on your computer, if that serves you best) -
and reorganize and/or rewrite your VISION(s) - to make them
easier to read, to fine-tune some aspects, and perhaps
to add a summary to each one (I encourage you to do so,
because, as you review, rewrite and reorganize your VISIONS,
you'll discover that you have gained even more clarity,
simply by committing to and experiencing this VISION
guidance and step-by-step process).

* You now have a clear, crystallized summary of your
Highest VISION(s) this year and beyond!

*  Notice that "having the perfect words" has
nothing to do with your new CLARITY about which
of your VISION(s) most inspires and energizes you  -
which is the key to prioritizing your VISION into

> Notice how much your VISION has expanded
during this 12 DAYS OF VISION Series, from
DAY 1 to today (and more to come tomorrow
on "Shifting your Arc" - even beyond where it is now!).

> Allow this new VISION to guide you to expressing
and experiencing your higher potential this year!

In POWER ARC, we take these initial VISIONs
and get super-clear about your Values, Your Mission (Purpose),
and your Work(s) - the ways YOU express your unique
Signature Genius (< we guide you to discover this, too!)
to impact the world and receive the income you desire
and deserve by sharing that GENIUS to guide your
ideal tribe of loyal clients and followers.

We also guide you to transform your VISION into clear
BEST NEXT STEPS - into an Action Plan that energizes you,
and which you move into with ease and focus each day.

And, now that you've got your clear "WHERE" VISION in place,
we guide you into NOW and HOW stages of POWER ARC -
staring with Play, Plan, Prioritize part of the NOW Stage
(yes, we start with PLAY! Not only to tap your natural genius
and energy, but also to tap the power of your imagination!) -
and we guide you step by step, with colorful ActionSheets,
Checklists, and other resources, to visually map out
your own Message and Body of Work - as a full,
and profitable expression of your GREATNESS in the world.

Tomorrow, we'll show you how Arnold "Shifted His Arc" -
and used this SAME Sequence to create ever higher
and higher levels of success!

Stay tuned for more in the next two (2) days
for your opportunity to experience
this power every day - 365 Days of Genius -
throughout this year, and in every
day of your life from here forward.

Also, on the 12th Day - Jan. 6, Epiphany
(and also my Birthday!) - I'll be sharing
how you may claim one of a limited number
of special GENESIS OF GENIUS Breakthrough Sessions
I'll be offering, personally with me,
as my Birthday gift to YOU for participating
in this 12 DAYS OF VISION! -
so we may review and celebrate the Vision
you're creating here ... so you may discover
and profit from sharing your Signature Genius
to impact the world and receive the income
you deserve and desire.

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See you tomorrow, Fellow Visionary!

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