Day 1 - Starting Your Journey to Vision ~ Embarking

1 Starting Your Journey to Vision

JAT PHOTO BOXWelcome to Day 1

Long before we were transfixed
by Star Trek or Star Wars . . .
we were endlessly enthralled by exploration.

"To seek out new worlds. . .
To boldly go where no one has gone before."

Yet so few of us actually embark
on the journey of exploration for ourselves.


What holds us back?

In order to discover, we must embark -
and the first step always seems the most daunting.

Yet, we know it is in this initial step
that we break through familiar boundaries,
and free ourselves to move on
to undiscovered realms of possibility.

By definition,
no one has traveled exactly this course before.

There are no maps, no defined paths,
no one to show us THE WAY ...

... and yet, we don't really need or even desire someone
to tell us which way we should go or what we should do.

We want to make those choices for ourselves.

In fact, that is the ONLY way
we will really have what it takes -
the passion,
the energy,
the determination,
the VISION -
to see the journey through to its end.

Perhaps all we need is a guide,
and a proven navigational system.

Then we may find our own way.

It is with this belief,
and in this spirit of exploration,
that we invite you to explore and experience
these 12 DAYS OF VISION with us ...

... As we guide you step-by-step, day-by-day -
to discover your Signature Genius -
and to share and profit from it,
as you inspire your tribe, impact the world
and receive the income you desire and deserve.

And we'll Renew, Recharge, Replenish YOU, as we go!

Ready to Embark on  Your Epic Journey?

Then read on - enjoy each Day's post -
take the Inspired Action we share with you here each day -
and you'll have your NEW VISION crafted by Jan. 6!

Each day during these 12 DAYS OF VISION,
we'll be sharing one key step forward
to help you create YOUR VISION for this year (and beyond) -
drawing from the rich resources of GENESIS OF GENIUS,
my Bestselling 3-Book Series - as we gift you with
step-by-step guidance, practical (and inspiring) ActionSheets,
and powerful tools to guide you to clarity
about what you most desire to create this New Year.

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