Join the 12 Days of Vision Celebration!

"12 DAYS OF VISION" is a global, shared CELEBRATION,
designed to guide you step-by-step to craft your highest Vision for this year and beyond, in your life, work and world (totally free - my gift to you!).

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Each day we'll guide you to craft your powerful Vision,
so your "Arc of Creation" entering this New Year
is inspiring, clear and compelling -
and calls you forth to reach your highest potential!

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Can you feel the shift?

Over the next few days,

you are crossing a threshold in your life ...
either crafting an expansive new Story
of abundance, possibility and potential ...
or into repeating the same old Story of struggle, lack and doubt
that has held you back up until now.

In these next few days, you will choose your "Story Arc" -
in fact, you're already choosing it - in this instant ...

The only question is,
are you choosing to create the Story Arc of your life and work
consciously or unconsciously?

Will the coming year be one where you discover, express and profit from
sharing your Signature Genius ... and shift consciously
into the LEAP of your full potential -
into the expansive realm of What Can Be, for you?

Or will you find yourself in the LOOP
of What Is, of what already exists - unclear of what
you have to offer the world, struggling

The Good News?
I truly want this to be a breakthrough year for you ...
and that's why I'm committed to guiding you
across this emerging Arc of Creation
through our 12 DAYS OF VISION - which will parallel the 12 Days of Christmas,
from Dec. 26 through Jan. 6

(Did you realize the 12 Days of Christmas
actually run from Christmas Day through Epiphany, Jan. 6 -
a sort of extended holiday season, celebrated in Europe
and other places worldwide?) ...

And January 6 - Epiphany - is also my Birthday, so there will be special
surprises on that day as we wrap up our "12 Days of Vision" Celebration!

JULIEANNTURNER PIC 165 x 210I'm the International Bestselling Author
(Amazon #3 Hot New Release in Creativity),
and the host of the
Global ConsciousSHIFT Show
(290,000+ Global Subscribers and Growing) -
and I'd like to help you discover and express
your Signature Genius, and to profit from
sharing it to impact the world and receive
the income you desire and deserve this year.

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I am filled with joy to inspire and guide you throughout
this 12 DAYS OF VISION celebration - and I'd love
for you help spread the inspiration with your loved ones and friends
on Facebook and beyond, so they may craft a new Story
and highest vision for the coming year, as well!

So join me for our 12 DAYS OF VISION -
the ideal way to welcome in your New Year
with new Vision on how to share your genius
in THIS New Year (and beyond)!

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