Day 5 - Vision Comes First


5 Vision Comes First

Imagination is the beginning
of creation.

You imagine what you desire;
you will what you imagine;
and at last you create
what you will.

~ George Bernard Shaw, English author and playwright

JAT PHOTO BOXYesterday, you were invited
to Expand Your WorldView ...
to consciously CHOOSE and COMMIT TO
which world you will live from -
the world of lack, struggle and limit
or the world of creation, potential
and abundance (WHAT CAN BE).

Which did YOU choose?

If you chose the WorldView

the world of creation,
potential and abundance -
everything is about to change for you,
for the better.

THE TRUTH IS that ALL Successful Visionaries
have an entirely different worldview –
and use an entirely different sequence of thought –
than everyone else. that enables them to see
beyond WHAT IS … to WHAT CAN BE …

Whole-New-WorldThe GOOD NEWS
is that we can adopt
the same WORLDVIEW -

literally a different
thinking system

that ALL world-changers
throughout time have used -
a profound and practical -
and profoundly different –
SEQUENCE of thought.

> THAT SEQUENCE is what you will receive as your GIFT today
in this 12 DAYS OF VISION Series (see below).

Not only CAN we adopt this creative sequence of thought -
it is now REQUIRED for those who will SUCCEED
going forward in this globally connected world ...

(That's why we're starting here in 12 DAYS OF VISION!)

This is the shift ALL visionaries make –
that is your WHERE, your VISION ...
that is where the VALUE lies.
And where it is created.


never even ask
that question –
or make that shift. 

They stay focused only
on their current
circumstances (WHAT IS) –

what’s happening NOW,
reacting to the urgent,
to problems, crises –

and what they see
as limitations – and they stay small,

never venturing beyond the limited realm of WHAT IS.

[These are the signs you’re in the LOOP …
can you relate to any of these?
See INSPIRED ACTION below for more.]


And what does it take for us to shift
from the limited world of WHAT IS –
to the unlimited realm of WHAT CAN BE?

We first activate the power within us thru CHOICE –  
exactly as you did yesterday (you did choose, didn't you?) ...

And that is the true origin of all power …
visionaries make a conscious shift to claim the power
already within them.

from the LOOP
to the LEAP -

that ALL Visionaries
use to claim their true power -
is called the POWER ARC
this yellow arc represents
the Visionary LEAP,
the specific sequence of thought and action necessary
to step into your full greatness & consistently create success.



Read your DAY 5 GENESIS OF GENIUS Gift Page now,
and then return here to read the rest of your Day 5
Insight and Inspired Action (below):

Here's your Day 5 Gift Page:
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Your "3 Core Questions: Where, Now, How" Gift Page

It is the sequence, the order - of these Questions or Steps
in the POWER ARC™ Where, Now, How sequence
that is so important.

Notice that WHERE you are going - the VISION
of what you wish to create - comes FIRST.

represents the master creative process -  the thinking system ALL visionaries use
to consciously create success after success.

And what’s great is that these POWER ARCs can be applied
to EVERY area of your life, work & world you want to shift!
(This is what we teach you how to create - customized to YOUR VISION,
so you may discover and profit from sharing your Signature Genius
to impact the world, and to receive the income you deserve and desire
from serving your ideal tribe of loyal clients - in our POWER ARC Live
and POWER Fast-Track  Transformation Series).


The problem is, if you’re stuck looping
in the world of WHAT IS,

you don’t even realize you’re operating in a limited space ...
DAY 5 WNH SPHERE GRAPHICmost people only operate
stuck inside
this small blue sphere
of WHAT IS-only
they have a
self-limiting WorldView
and they don’t even
know it …

That’s why it’s possible to be playing small,
and not even realize it …

So, if there is one single thing you take away
from today's Insight and Gift Page
(the most powerful and valuable yet - and we're only
on Day 5! More this week on exactly how to craft
YOUR Where - Your VISION! So stay tuned tomorrow!) ...

... Remember there is life-altering power
in this POWER ARC sequence I’m sharing with you here.

Visionaries know what most people don’t …
that we all already have power ...
and we’re the only ones who can give it away …

DAY 5: Take INSPIRED ACTION - Vision Comes First >

Two Powerful Questions for you today:

1) Where are you experiencing the LOOP?
(See the graphic above.)

• Stuck, Stalled & Stressed?

• Frustrated & Isolated?

• Struggling in Scarcity?

• Overwhelmed & Confused?

2) Where are you giving away your POWER?

• Not claiming your own Signature Genius?
Your OWN Superpowers? Your own artistry ?

Hiding out - yielding to a temptation (yes, let's face it -
out of FEAR) to PLAY SMALL... "hunkering down”
or even FOOLING YOURSELF THAT YOU’LL  "wait this out"
(if you’re trying that, how's that working out for you?) ...

Overload and overwhelm - Loading up on more
and more and more information … but never
stepping into transformation? ...

Aiming too low - toiling away at the level
of mere TACTICS ...  chasing latest "hot" marketing
channels or social media ...  the next "shiny object"
or technology  ...   (often jumping from one, to the next,
to the next - with little to no results to show? ...

Lots of BUSY-NESS – but little or no real business -
and feeling increasingly more frustrated
and overwhelmed in the process?

Spinning - from the Self-Saboteurs of Perfectionism
or Procrastination? Or from the twin fears –
the Fear of Success or Fear of Failure?
(BOTH are illusions – they are just judgments,
and snapshots in time – they are not WHO YOU ARE)

• Or, you may be stuck trying to do it all alone
you’re between a rock and hard place …
and you really need some   guidance and a hand up,
from someone who has traveled this creative path successfully
before you …

Go ahead - be honest ... which of these are ways you recognize
you may have been giving away your POWER?

ALL OF THESE stem most often from lack of clarity
about WHAT CAN BE for you - about Your VISION -
from not being clear about exactly WHERE you’re going,
where to focus or even how to start  –
(Stage 1 in the POWER ARC Sequence)
and that's exactly why I'm guiding you to craft your
VISION in this 12 DAYS OF VISION Series.

> BONUS GIFT - For the first three (3) 12 DAYS
participants who answer INSPIRED ACTION Questions
1 & 2 in the Comments Section below,
I will offer a FREE 1-on-1 GENESIS OF GENIUS
Breakthrough Session personally with me
(a $600 value). So check out INSPIRED ACTION Questions
1 & 2 (above), and then simply enter your responses
in the Comments below - and my team will be in touch
to schedule our Session!

Tomorrow, we'll get crystal clear on the LOOPs
that you wish to shift out of - and the LEAP
you most desire to step into right now
, so we may
craft your clear, compelling VISION in this 2nd half
of 12 DAYS OF VISION - so you'll start 2014 with an
entirely new level of potential opening up for you!

So, stay tuned - and share on!

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See you tomorrow, Fellow Visionary!

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